Mounting the Smapler V0001r2 Step by Step

Introduction: Mounting the Smapler V0001r2 Step by Step

This is a photographic guide for mounting the Smapler v0001r2. It is a standalone Arduino-compatible circuit with an on board SD card connector, a PS2 connector for mouse/keyboard, a sound amplifier and a bunch of I/O pins for sensors. With it you can make a music instrument, a simple media player, or a small computer.

This instructable is just showing the optimal process for mounting the board. There are examples of use at Anyways I plan to publish some extra articles on how to make a simple music instrument and in how to make a small computer in the following weeks. Stay tuned!

Note: the pictures and soldering work for this instructable is by T. Olsson from, thanks for the great job!

Step 1: The Tools

The tools needed for mounting the Smapler v0001r2 are the same ones as for any other DIY kit: your soldering iron, some pliers, desoldering bride...

Step 2: Mounting the Pcb

This is the photographic guide step by step. Just follow it in the same order and you will have guaranteed success with this kit!

Step 3: Where to Find Documentation

You can experiment with the SDplayWAV library I wrote for this design:

It will play whatever 8bit, 8KHz sound files you have in the SD card one by one.

You could also try out the work made for Smapler v0002, but taking into account that the Smapler v0001 is only mono:

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    12 years ago on Step 2

    Awesome, always wanted to build something like this for my Nerd Axe but never quite figured the odds and ends. plain awesome!