Mouse Chase

Introduction: Mouse Chase


So our device is called Mouse chase because we have two servo arms moving two mouse heads back and fourth, and the objective is for the cat to move around and hit the mice.

Step 1: The Arduino

In order to make this you will need an arduino, two servo's, and a sensor. Lets start off by putting the wires in their proper places. First we have a wire that will connect to the ground of the arduino (GND). After this we have a wire that connects to pins 8,7,9 and 10, and both VCc (power) slots.

Step 2: Servo's

The servo's are connected to the VCc for power, and the GND so they can be grounded. You will notice that their is a 3V power slot and a 5V power slot. The servo arms are placed in the 3V power slot so the sensor can use the other 5V slot. Both wires that are being connected to the VCc are soldered or kept together so they take up the 3VCc slot. one wire should go to the Gnd , and the other wires go to slots 9 and 10 so they can become outputs.

Step 3: Sensor

Unfortunatly we were unable to work the sensor due to the code. First of all we had the sensor's trig pin hooked up to pin 8, and the pulse pin was hooked up to pin 7. The power cord was in the 5V VCc and the final cord was in the other ground (GND).

Step 4: Code

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    3 years ago

    That's a fun idea, when you figure out the issue with the code you should post an update :)