Introduction: Mouse Scroll Wheel Hack - to Make It Rotate Faster.

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Scroll wheel hack to make the scroll wheel rotate faster and without making that clicking sound.

It is a very simple process. Just open the body of the mouse.

Although I hope that you watch the full video but the whole process is quite easy so here are the steps if you want to dabble into it as an explorer.

The steps are as under.
1. Open the mouse - there usually is just one screw - so unscrew that and pry open the mouse.
2. Find the spring or pin attached to the wheel.
3. Take a few photos of the insides so it would be easy to re-assemble the whole thing.
4. The wheel assembly lifts up so lift it up and remember how and where what part goes.
5. Take the pin out of the assembly - The one you located in step 2.
6. Re-assemble the whole wheel assembly and fix it into place.
7. Check to see if the thing is working. It should because otherwise, almost always the assembly does not fit back in properly.
8. Admire the precision and design of the whole thing.
9. Close back the mouse and
10. Enjoy the noise-free wheel action.
11. As a bonus now you also have long scrolls because there is no hindrance to stop the wheel once it is in motion.

I understand that there are a number of similar instructables but I arrived at this solution all by myself - partly because I did this without any target in mind. I had just opened the mouse to see what is inside and one thing led to another and in the end I thought why not make a video too.

I hope you like the video; it's the first DIY / How-to video I've ever done.

Have a nice day.