Introduction: Mouse Trap Car

You will need...
-mouse trap
-a block of wood a little bigger than the mouse trap
-one foot string
-two small Lego wheel
-two big Lego wheels
-Lego axle.
-3 eyelets. -2 wood screws
-glue gun

Step 1: Mouse Block

Glue the mouse trap with the impact side closest to the end

Step 2: Eyelets

Then you screw two eyelets in the middle right and left sides spread apart. And screw the last eyelet in the middle top corner.

Step 3: Axle Wheels

Third you have to drill a hole through the Lego axle then put the axle throw the 2 eyelets put the one foot string through the eyelet in the top and through the axle and tie it also put the two big Lego wheels on the ends of each side of the axle.

Step 4: Small Wheels

You have to drill in the small Lego wheels in with the wood screws in the front.

Step 5: Impact Arm

Finally tie the other end of the string to the impact arm

Step 6: How to Use It

You pull back the arm and roll the back wheel the opposite way you want the car to go and set up the mouse trap hit the trigger and there you go. If it is not working out look through my directions again.