Introduction: Mouse Wheel - I Fixit

During mouse wheel cleaning, hexagonal wheel tip was broken and wheel doesn't work at all.
In my case connection between wheel and electronic piece was a hexagonal (1.75mm) plastic tip in a hex hole. I tried use a allen key (hexagonal) but there is 1.5 and 2mm size. I decide to make it from wood.

What we need:

  • toothpick
  • drill (in my case 2mm)
  • knife
  • screwdriver
  • caliper

Step 1: Mesuring and Preparation

Measure a hole for the best fitting. In my case toothpick was 2mm, round, and hole was ~1.75 hexagonal.
Using knife, scratch a wooden piece to expecting size.

Step 2: Fitting, Cutting, Drilling

Make a proper size for montage. Drill a hole in plastic wheel. Use glue or glue-gun if necessary. Fit a wooden stick in a hole.

Step 3: Montage

Put back mouse wheel and assembly the mouse.
Have fun again.

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