Introduction: Mouse Trap Catapult for 4$

this is a simple cheap mouse trap catapult capable of shooting extreamly far

please vote and enjoy

Step 1:

first drill a hole just in front of the trigger bar

Step 2:

tie the end of your string securely to the hole and cut it a hands length away

Step 3:

test this set up a few times to check the knots and adjust the length of the string

Step 4:

now tie the other end to the bar at around 80 degrees this is variable and as the knots and string will stretch out tie the bar just a little lower than you think you should

Step 5:

now cut a spoon in half and tape it of hot glue it to the side of the snap bar look at the pictures if your confused

Step 6: FIRE!!!

finally after the glue dries set the trap add ammo and fire away this fired very far very hard so don't shoot it at animals

other than that have fun and do whatever you want

Step 7: Trouble Shooting

if the catapult often takes off with the momentum try glueing it to a block of wood

if the shot goes to far down the arm has to much slack tighten the rope and vice versa

if you want to fire from a distance tie a long string to the bait peddle and pull to fire

this is my first instructible i hope you like it,

it was just a small project so i could get used to the format

please vote for me in the launch it contest :)

final notes I'm sorry if the videos don't work and for the lack of punctuation any suggestions are welcome

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