Introduction: Mousepad Wallet

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I went to this great place in Sydney and picked up a mixed bag of stuff including some mouse pads. They get things destined for the dump and stock them. You can buy a whole bag full of anything you want from around the place for 5 bucks (Australian)!!!
I saw the wallet comp and thought "Thats an idea! I can show how green this recycled wallet is"
It may look a little stingy though because mine was a rush job. If I make another I will post it because it will have a decent hour spent on it...... Enough intro, lets go!
Also my camera wouldn't focus on title shot. Sorry!

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Step 1: What You'll Need.

You should gather the following:
1. a few mouse pads, though you can make do with 1
2. A stanley knife
3. A ruler - I didn't use one so mine is messy
4. Hot glue gun or another effective glue
5. a 9v battery or battery clip
6. A credit card or similar to measure the card holder

The picture is of my "clean" workbench.

Step 2: Main Pieces of Wallet

If you have a second mouse pad you should cut a piece as big as you want the wallet to be when folded. If not rule it up onto the mouse pad.
Once that is done draw two small squares next to each other like in the picture
you should make two of these long strips.
The one above had not yet been cut to size.
Score one lightly in the middle on the foam side.

Step 3: Getting the Clip Ready

This is early in the process but now is the time to turn on your glue gun (unless it heats up really quickly) and to take apart your battery / clip.
If you have a 9v battery unfold the edges around the clip.
Remove the top and cut it into 2 so you have both the + and - side separated.
If you have a clip remove the plastic from around it and cut it in half.
These will be the clips or fasteners that will hold the wallet shut.

Step 4: Test for Step 4

Lay the two long strips on top of each other and fold like you do a wallet from left to right.
If there is a bit sticking out over the end like in the picture cut it off neatly.
Cut the inside (folded) / top (unfolded) piece in half.
Glue the left piece onto the backing piece (the piece behind) with an L shape of glue on the edge making sure of the middle gap.
Do the same to the other but on the right nd base not left and base with the glue.
It should look like the second picture.

I've had to retype this step a few times due to troubles in instructables so it might be a bit weird!

Step 5: Credit Card Holder

This is the easiest way I could come up with to keep it non bulky so here it is. If you have a better Idea could you post it please?

The piece of off cut from last step may come in useful in this step if it is the right size.

Ok so first you'll need to glue a piece about 1cm (4/10 of an inch) big down near the bottom of the side you want your credit cards. It holds the in so they don't slip out. The mousepad is naturally grippy on this type of credit card so it should be fine but better safe....

Secondly find the width of your widest card and add about 1 and a half cms to the length of it and cut it from your old mousepad. place a small amount of glue on each bit at the end and glue it on.
This holds it in.

Step 6: YOU DECIDE!!!

You have a choice in this step. The right side of your wallet is blank
(or left depending on where your cards are) so here are some ideas for uses:
1. you could make a coin pouch by digging a hole in the fluff and gluing around a piece like a U so there is a pocket (see picture 1 and 2)
2. You could etch a design in like in picture three (meant to be invader zim, looks like a clown)
3. You could make another card holder
4. You could leave it blank....

Whatever you're imagination says. If you have no imagination left due to school or work, stick with the card or money spot...

Step 7: The Clip

There are two clips I tried and the internal one is less secure but looks different but the strap is more secure and looks like those leather wallets. (hoity toit wallets)

The first internal one requires no more than gluing the clips onto the far left and right of the wallet so when it shuts they align and clip. It looks bulkier in this shot but it squeezes down quite small.

The second one you'll need to glue a strip of mouse pad with plastic side up about 1 inch or 3cm wide onto the back on the edge that is long enough to reach the other side (second picture). Then glue each clip bit on so they join tightly.

Step 8: Well Thats Your Wallet

Thats your wonderful recycled cooler than duck tape (brand preference I know it's duct) wallet.
Another few ideas are here and if you submit them I'll add them
1. Get the sound chip from a card so when you open the wallet it sings "Celebrate good times come on"

Need help orange board me!

Thanks, good night and smurf worry be happy now!