Introduction: Mousetrap Car

Today we are going to learn how to build a mousetrap car! If your wondering if this mousetrap car will go fast, that really depends on how you make it. Lets get started!

Step 1: Parts List

1 victor mousetrap

4 CDs

1 Foam packing tray

2 BBQ skewer

2 1/4" Dowels

1 straw

4 balloons 1

8 inches of string

5 zip ties

Step 2: Preparing the Mousetrap

Remove the cooper arm, the three staples (two are big and the other small) and the yellow fake cheese. Make sure to keep the cooper arm for later.

Step 3: Attaching the Mousetrap to the Foam Tray

Cut out a V shape on the short side of your foam tray and use some type of strong glue to attach the mousetrap. Make sure that the mousetrap is touching the V on your tray. Do not glue the mousetrap on to of the V, just enough to touch the end of the V. To help you understand better, the part where the arm allows it to snap should be facing the V.

Step 4: Attaching the Power Arm

Cut your skewer into half, then use all five of your zip ties to attach it to the mousetrap arm. Do not pull your zip ties all the way. Next put one of your cut-in-half skewer into the zip ties. KEEP THE ZIP TIES ATTACHED TO BOTH THE SKWER AND MOUSETRAP ARM. pull them and cut off the extra part of your zip ties.

Step 5: Attaching the Dowels and the Skewer Stick

Glue two dowels to your tray. Make sure that the dowels are facing the V on your tray. Next you will measure your skewer to the point where one end is touching the other. Once you have measured it, cut it out and glue the skewer to your dowel. So basically, the power arm will be on your left and the dowel will be on your right along with the skewer stick.

Step 6: Attaching the Straws

Next, measure your straw to the opposite side of the V. Once you have measured the straw cut it and glue it to the tray. Make sure that you glued it to the bottom of the tray. Remember, the V side is on the short side of the tray so which means the straw should be on the other side. After that, you will cut two pieces of cardboard that will be at least 5.5cm. fold the cardboard in half and glue it down, do this to the other piece. Glue both parts to the bottom of the car. Attach them at the bottom of the short stick going horizontal. Next, cut off two straws (3.5 cm) and attach them to the cardboard. ALL OF YOUR STRAWS SHOULD BE FACING DOWNWARD.

Step 7: Attaching the Wheels

Cut out four pieces of cardboard then tape them to your wheels. Make sure your covering the holes. Poke holes into the cardboard with your skewer, you will only need two skewers. Once that is done attach only one CD to the two skewer each. Glue the CD to the almost end of the skewers. Do this to both of the sticks. Once the glue drys, put the skewer threw the two small straws. Attach the CD to the other end and glue it to the stick. Do the same thing to the other end where the long straw is at. Do not glue the stick inside of your car or else your car will not be able to move.

Step 8:

Grab two balloons and cut off the top and the bottom. Don't cut off to much because you will need to make two tires out of one balloon. Once you finish that, you should have made a circle that looks like a bracelet, attach it to the wheel. Do this with the next and last balloon. (optional: grab a partner to help you put on the wheels. it's very difficult to do it on your own.)

Step 9: Attaching the Copper Arm

With the copper arm you should have kept earlier, bend it to form an L shape. Cut it where there is a long and short side. Glue the long side on where the bottom part of the stick for the wheel.(Make sure that its small enough to let the wheel spin) There should be two sticks at the end of the tray. One for the wheels and one for the dowels to be glued together. So now that the long side has been glued, the small side should be sticking out a little.

Step 10: Attaching the String

Measure the string to the second stick where your copper L is at. Once you have finished that, cut it and make a knot around the end of your power arm, To make sure it's secured completely, tape the string to the power arm. You will make another knot at the end of the string but slightly smaller.

Step 11: To Make It Move

In conclusion, these were the steps on learning how to build a Mousetrap car. Now it's time to learn how to make the car move. With the end of the string, attach it to the copper arm and roll it inward to where the power arm is going clockwise. Place your Mousetrap car down and let it go to the direction you pointed it to go. Your car should be moving on how much weight you put onto it. You have completely finished your Mousetrap car!