Introduction: Mousetrap Car

In this instrucable I made a mousetrap car. It is exactly what it sounds like. A car powered by a mousetrap. You may want to make a mousetrap car because it is interesting to build. Now if you would like to build a mousetrap car, then here are the steps.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

1 Victor Mousetrap
4 CDs
6 BBQ Skewers
13 Zip Ties
2 Straws
Duct Tape
Hot Glue Gun
Box Cutter
2 Baloons
7 pieces of Cardboard(different sizes)
2 Hooks(small)

Step 2: Wheels

Cut out 4 small squares of cardboard with a box cutter. Poke out holes in the middle of the squares with the skewers and glue it to the 4 CDs.

Step 3: Finished Wheels

Put the skewers inside the holes. Then put hot glue on both sides, so the wheels don’t come off.

Step 4: Body

Cut out a rectanglular shape out of cardboard. Get the Victor mousetrap and glue it on the middle or on the top.

Step 5: Body

Gets 2 skewers and the rectangle you just made. Put the skewers on the side of the cardboard.

Step 6: Body

Grab another skewer. Cut it until it evens out with the other 2 skewers.Hot glue both side.

Step 7: Body and Wheels

Cut 1 straw in half. Put the 2 straws on to a wheel. Cut another 2 squares on top of the straws. Then put the body on top as well.

Step 8: Mousetrap

Get a skewer and zip tie it to the mousetrap. If you want you can put it on the other side too.

Step 9: Skewers

Cut out a piece of string from the skewer and the wheels. Then duct tape it to the skewer.

Step 10: Conclusion

So this is how to build a mousetrap car. To power it you must get the strings and put it on the hook. Spin it however much times you want and let go. If you do make a mousetrap car, you will learn it is interesting to build. These are the steps to build a mousetrap car.