Introduction: Mousetrap Car

Building the home made mousetrap car is easy and fun. Its simple to make with the things you can find in your house and cheap stuff anyone could find at the store. Mines doesn't work the best. This mousetrap car was my first and I've learned from my mistakes and I will help you guys so you won't mess up like me. I hope you enjoy learning to build my model of the mousetrap car.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

The materials I used were a drill, a glue gun, zip locks, scissors, popsicle sticks, duct tape, dowels, the actual mousetrap, Cds, wine corks, and construction paper. You can find these materials at your local hardware store and your house.

Step 2: Section 1. Tape Your Wheels

You can decide to tape your wheels for better friction. It is absolutely not a need but a choice. To tape I used regular scissors and duct tape. I wrapped the tape around the cd 3 times on each side but you can do it however you like and if its more comfortable with you.

Step 3: Finish of the Wheels

This is how my wheels looked after I taped them.

Step 4: Section 2.

The lighter your mouse trap car is the faster it will go.

1. In the 1st image I placed two dowels on either side of my mousetrap car and I hot glued them together.

2. In the second one I had two other dowels and cut them into the size I preferred, not halfway more than halfway so you have room.

3. In the first again I placed a popsicle stick where I wanted the front wheels to go and hot glued.

4. Roll the construction paper and tape it.

5. I rolled the construction paper in front of the popsicle stick after popsicle stick is dry and glued the roll.

6. I did the same step in 5. as I did to the back wheels I do encourage you to make the back roll and the front the same size as I didn't and it caused me problems that were too late to fix.

7. Slide the dowels into the roll of construction paper.

Step 5: Section 3.

1. You will use the drill to make a hole the same size as your dowel. Put hot glue into the hole of the cork and then push the dowel into the hole until dried.

2. After taping your Cds glue them to the corks attached to the dowel.

3. Add a hook to both back sides of the left and right of the paper in the back of your car. Glue the hook.

4. Two pieces of string will be needed to attach to the hook.

5.Grab the two pieces of string and two hooks and another dowel. Grab zip ties and your dowel and zip tie dowel to one side of the mouse traps arm. Tape string points to the end of the dowel. Use a little bit of glue to glue hooks on either side of the back of your wheels dowel on each side of the paper. Make small hoops of the strings and place each on the hook. Rewind the string backwards and let the car go. There you have a mousetrap car.

Step 6: Ending

This is the result of my mouse trap car.