Introduction: Mousetrap Car!

Mousetrap car !!

Step 1: Mousetrap Car

Today I will be making a mousetrap powered car also called a mousetrap car.I decided to do this because a person I know of has a child.And that child is annoying as HELL!!!!But, here is the solution you've all been waiting for!! :)


If you find yourself owning an annoying child, this is the product for you!

Step 2: Step 1: Get Your Supplies

For this craft ,You will need:

2 piece of cardboard

1 Dowel

4 CD's

2 Skewers

1 Straw


3 Zip Tie

1 mouse trap

Step 3: Step 2 : Tools

You will need:


Hot Glue Gun

Box cutter

Step 4: Making the Base

For this step you are going to get your piece of cardboard, and you will cut a small square into the back of the car.Then you are going get your straw and cut it in 4 pieces, as long as it doesn't cover the small square you cut out earlier.And then you are going to hot glue the straw pieces on the cardboard (one on each corner).Make sure that you put the straws that are on the back in the position so that there are across from each other and in the middle is the cut square.

Step 5: Adding Wheels

Now that you have your straws in place you need to grab a skewer and put the skewer through the straws.After that you will get a small piece of cardboard.And you will cut 4 squares out of it.On one side of the square you will add tape.After that you will put each piece of a skewer.Then you put the CD's on and to hold it together you will add hot glue to it.Make sure that you are holding the car straight while putting hot glue .In the end it should look like the one in the picture.Repeat this step for all four wheels.

Step 6: Step 6:Prepare the Mousetrap

To prepare the mouse trap you will take out the hold down bar and the thing that the hold down bar connects to. Next you will get your dowel and zip ties.You will zip tie the dowel onto one side of the hammer.On the dowel you will tie some tape and a string

Step 7: Decorating

This is optional

Step 8: Adding the Mousetrap and Other Stuff

Now that your mousetrap is ready you will hot glue it on to your car.Also,in that little square you cut earlier you will add a thing as shown in the picture and when you put it on you only needs to rap it around the string to make the car go.