Introduction: Mousetrap Car

Mousetrap motored "cars" are not always easy to make. These instructions will contradict the previous statement.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need: for our body we used K'nex These materials can easily be substituted.
-1 mousetrap
-1 long, grey rod for the back axel
-a shorter, red rod for the front axel
-4 rubber tires
-4 orange, rectangular pieces,
-and 6 small, grey pieces, all from the K'nex set
-10" string
-hot glue

Step 2:

Attach the 4 rectangular, orange pieces to the 2 widths of the mousetrap with force. They do not need to be fastened with anything further.

Step 3:

Slide the 2 rods in the front and back pieces

Step 4:

Attach 2 grey, smaller prices to either side of mousetrap on axels to prevent movement. Slide on and hot glue back tires to axel. Repeat for front axel.

Step 5:

Tie one end of string to the mousetrap trigger. Next, wrap the remaining amount of string around the back axel, making sure it's secure.

Step 6:

After you have set trap and wound string around the back axel, let go and let fly!