Introduction: Mousetrap Powered DOUBLE Trebuchet

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How to make a Mousetrap Powered DOUBLE Trebuchet

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In this video I will show you how to make a Mousetrap Powered Trebuchet.

First take a mouse trap and carefully remove the food holder catch piece. Next remove the holding bar, but do not cut it off because you need it. On the bar, cut off the arch near the end so that you have straight shaft.

Next take 2 chopsticks and carefully tape them on the outside arms of the hammer. They have to be on the outside edge or they will interfere with the swinging action. Be careful not to let the hammer smash a finger.

Now you can pull back the hammer and hold it in place with the bar.

Next we want to create the 2 slings.

First cut 4 pieces of string about 8 inches long. They do not have to be exact but need to be close.

Using some fabric cut out 2 pieces about 2 inches wide and 4 inches long.

Now make a hole at both ends of the fabric.

Next feed one string through only one side of the fabric and tape it in place. Taping it is much easier that tying a knot. Repeat this on the other side.

Now that the string is attached to the fabric, we need to attach it to the chopsticks.

Fold the fabric over creating the pouch. Tape one of the strings to the end of the chopstick leaving about an inch of it exposed. Now create a loop with the other string and hold it together with some tape. Now repeat this with the second sling.

It is also a good idea to add a string to the holding bar to keep your hands out of the way of danger.

Finally attach the mouse trap to something sturdy. I used an old piece of wood that worked great.

When the mouse trap is armed, carefully slide the loops over the end of the chopsticks and make sure they can slide easily. Now tuck the slings under the chopsticks and load the projectile. I used pencil erasers because they will not cause much damage.

When you pull out the bar and your projectiles will launch.

Now go out and have playing with your mousetrap powered trebuchet.