Introduction: Movable 2-sided Organizational Storage Unit

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We needed a way to store our growing collection of paint, stains, spray paints, rechargeable batteries, and chargers. You're probably wondering what the connection is between these things. Well, they really need to be stored in a temperature controlled area rather than someplace hot like a garage.

We set about to design something that would hold all these things in a way that they were visible, easy to access, and movable. Check out the video and post to see how it came together. You can find additional details and links to the products we used on the original post on our website.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

For full details please visit our website.

Step 2: Gather Supplies

The build is made from 2 full sheets of MDF. We also purchased a handle and four heavy duty casters. We planned all our cuts to maximize our material. All cuts were made with a plunge saw with track or circular saw with Kreg Rip-Cut Jig.

Step 3: Assemble the Shelf Units

We assembled all the shelves first. Each shelf unit got a vertical support, large shelf and a rail on each edge of the shelf. The vertical supports got pocket holes which was later used to attach the shelf units to each other.

This piece was glued and brad nailed to the middle of the shelf. (This vertical piece divides the front and back shelves). A small piece of MDF was added to each shelf to help prevent stuff from falling off the shelves. This was also glued and brad nailed into place.

Step 4: Secure All the Shelf Units Into Place

Using the previously made pocket holes all the shelf units were glued and screwed together. The two side pieces are then glued and brad nailed to the side edges.

Step 5: Construct a Simple Box for the Top

Steph constructed a simple four sided box to which was attached to the top of the unit to hide a power strip and all the cords from the battery chargers. The chargers are in the top shelf. The cords are run through holes drilled into the top of the unit. It does a good job of hiding all the cord mess!

Step 6: Paint and Add Casters

The last step is to paint as desired and add casters. We chose a large caster so that the fully stocked unit would move easily.

Step 7: Fill and Use

All finished! It holds all our paints, batteries and charger. Now we can keep these things inside the house rather than a hot garage.

What would you use a 2-sided bookcase for?