Introduction: Movable Paper Foam Turtle

This easy fun craft is cheap and fun to make.

All you need is Paper Foam, Two different Shades of Green, A Darker Brown and a Peach or tan colour.
Googly eyes are optional.
Paper Fasteners if you want him movable.
To make making a circle easier, you can use a roll of masking tape to trace out the body.
Two Sided tape, or a glue stick work excellent.

Step 1: Making the Base for the Turtle

First take the roll of masking tape(or anything circular) and trace it out on the darker shade of green paper foam

Step 2: Making the Top Shell

Than take the darker brown and do the same by tracing a circle out of paper foam and cut it in half, to make the top shell.
Draw octagonal(stop sign shape) on the shell, this is optional for more detail. 

Step 3: Making the Bottom Shell

Than take the peach or tan paper foam and trace a circle out once again, and cut that in half also for the bottom of the shell.
Than take the lighter shade of green paper foam and cut a strip to separate the top from the bottom shell.
Draw a Grid type pattern on the shell, once again this is optional for more detail.

Step 4: Making the Head and Feet

Head-Take the same darker Green, trace your thumb but make it a bit wider, add the googly eye and draw a smile .

Feet-Take the same darker Green, but this time trace your middle or pointer finger, draw toes if you would like, repeat this twice for two feet.

Step 5: Now Putting It All Together

Now this is where you take the paper fasteners and attach the head and feet, towards the front/middle of the base, but leave one leg for the back, Don't put them on too tight or they wont be able to move.
Now take your Top, Bottom, and separator and tape/glue them over top of the base.