Introduction: Movable Table

Materials Needed to build this Wooden Table

- One-inch solid pine wood

- A lot of nails

- Titebond super glue

- Wheels

- A sealer

- Sandpaper

Step 1: Into the Design Thinking

My name is Hans Seemann Castañeda and I decided to build a wooden table that could have wheels and could fold into a small table that could be stored anywhere in your house. I mainly wanted to build this table because my brother doesn't have a desk that he can sit on while being on the couch or on his bed.

I interviewed 5 friends and 4/5 told me they love things that move because it’s easier to take with. You can slide the table from one room to another with ease, and can adjust angles if needed. Maybe you don’t want your viewers to see your bed while recording a video, just move the table around until you get a perfect angle.

Movable furniture can be a great idea for your classroom, so let me tell you why you should add wheels to your classroom. Movable classroom tables and desks may be stationary and sturdy once put in place. Portable classroom walls or partitions allow you to reconfigure your space instantly. Movable tables that can be joined together allow students to work in different size groups or individually. This also allows moving furniture around depending on the class ''necessities''.

Step 2: Interviews

I wanted to make sure that the questions were open-ended because it wouldn't help a yes or a no. I had to be as clear as possible with my questions. For example. What is something you would want to be able to move? What is one thing you love about things that move? What is one thing you hate about things that move? What are your thoughts on a self-cleaning device in your house? What is something that you use every day that you wished it didn’t move? etc. etc

Step 3: The Basics of the Table

I am building the wooden table with the measurements of 80x50 cm wide and 68 cm in height. We are already taking into consideration that this a big table and it is going to be tall because of that extra 3 cm from the wheels. You'll have enough space to fit your computer, your notebook, and your pencil case, just like your regular school desk but bigger. For the following, I'll show you a step by step manual that I followed to build this wooden table.

*I've done several projects that are sort of similar to the building of this wooden desk, so maybe my instructions won't be that clear for a beginning level person*.

Step 4: The 5 Steps We Need to Build This Table

Step1: Start by cutting the oak wood with the measurements you choose or the ones that I choose (80x50), a good way of cutting the wood is with a table saw 10/10 would recommend.

Step 2: Cut and start building the uprights, which are the paws of the table and the ones that will support the table. You should have 4 uprights and each measuring about 17 cm each.

Step 3: Connect the long supports and legs. Use glue and lag screws to join one end of the middle upright to the center of the bottom brace and the other end to the center of the top brace. Do the same with the other uprights.

Step 4: Attach the bottom plates to the ends of the uprights with glue and screws. Attach the four casters to the bottom plates with 1" to 1-1/2" with pan-head screws. You now have the table base completed.

Step 5: Sand and stain the top and base. After the glue dries, remove the clamps and sand the tabletop with a belt sander and/or orbital sander. Use a router to round over the edge of the tabletop.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've built a wooden table that will last you years if taken care of.