Introduction: Move to Open!

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Do you want a super secret and safe way to keep your passwords that you would otherwise forget? This "safe" only displays your password when it is moved to the correct location on earth. Based on this reverse geocaching project by Mikal Hart this project uses the LinkIt ONE board which has on-board GPS. No one will guess you have to move it to display your passwords!


  1. LinkIt ONE Development board
  2. I2C 16x2 Screen
  3. Project Box

Step 1: Wiring & Enclosure

This is fairly easy. Attach the LCD to SDA,SCL and the power lines. If you need more help check out my instructable that deals directly with this screen. Now, attach the GPS antenna to the bottom of the board where it says GPS.

This part is not mandatory but will greatly increase the cosmetics of your project. I used a cardboard box but you could also laser cut or 3d print a better one.

Step 2: Code

Here is the code that takes care of disclosing the passwords at the proper time. You will need to change two things.

  1. The location it will open at
  2. The passwords to be displayed

To set the location pick a place that you want it to open at. I suggest either modifying the code to print the longitude and latitude to the screen or if you have a serial monitor on your laptop you can use my code and view it from there. Take note of the values. We are interested in everything up until two places after the decimal. So if your latitude was 5555.5543, then you would write down 5555.55.

Now put them in the code in the if function that compares the latitude and longitude of your position with that of the password box's opening position. Now change the string that says "password = 1234" to your password.

The screen will display the number of satellites so you know if you have a fix. Don't go to the location until there are at least 4 satellites.

Step 3: Even Safer!

Right now the code only checks for a correct latitude position. That is so it is easy to test it out and get it working. Once you are reading you can add a longitude check also. You would just add the following to the if statement:

&& (abs(latitude) == xxxx.xx) where xxxx.xx is your desired longitude.

Step 4: Use It!

Now you have a place to store all those passwords you can never remember! One bit of advice.... it is probably not the smartest idea to set the coordinates to where your computer is because although that is convenient it is easier to guess.