Introduction: Movie Clapper

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To all you movie makers and movie enthusiasts!

Step 1: Material:

So, I wanna start my Youtube channel and I know there's gonna be a lot of editing, so instead of ordering clapper from Ebay or Amazon, I decided to make one. I found some 52 x 9,5 cm boards and 1,5 x 1,5 cm slats, I downloaded printable outlay for movie clapper board and started sawing.

Step 2: Measuring and Sawing

So, i cutted boards in half and i wound up with 4 pieces that are 26 x 9,5 cm. One of them is going to be top clapper, others are the body.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Step 4: Clapping "mechanism"

So, obviously top board needs to be able to clap, and to accomplish that, I needed to "kill" bottom right angle. I sawed it off and grinded it a little bit with grate and sandpaper. i also measured approx. middle of the board, for wood bolt.

Step 5:

Vertical slat that goes to the back also needs a hole, so i drilled one using 6mm drill.

Step 6:

Putting it together, not too tight, not too loose either.

Step 7:

Adding three more wood screws and testing.

Step 8:

Same thing goes on the other side, I just don't need 30 cm long slat, because I'm not fixating all 4 boards, only 3, so 25 cm is enough.

Step 9:

Obviously, gluing of boards and paper onto them is good way to go, but I had no glue on me and i couldn't be bothered to go and get some, so I improvised. Some double tape will, hopefully, do the trick. Just peel top film and slap paper on top. You wanna rub it vigorously afterword to get good adhesion.

Step 10:

I also found some A4 protective transparent film, so i added one more layer of double- tape on top of paper and stuck film- foil on top, so i can write and erase data with whiteboard markers on clapper.

Step 11:

If you want to try this project yourself, use some paint, sandpaper, glue, and surely you will do it better than me. Also, you can add some weight to right side of the clapper, so it makes a stronger sound. I'm happy with my thing nonetheless. Cheers, and have a great day. Clap, clap.