Introduction: Movie Gift Box

I'm one of the legion of people who like to give DVDs for Christmas and birthdays. You have probably received "Dirty Dancing" from one of us.

But why give JUST a DVD? Why not give your friend/ sibling/significant other the EXPERIENCE of the movie?

The idea is to give the movie in a creative way with other mini-gifts associated with the movie.
I will include 2 demos: One I have actually made and another hypothetical one.

I have chosen "The Matrix" and "Blazing Saddles."

Step 1: Gather Materials (Matrix)

Your list of materials is rather short, and should cost you around $20-$25.

-The movie ($10-15) ---Walmart, Target

-Red pills (jelly beans) $3

-Blue pills (jelly beans) $3

-Keanu vision sunglasses $1

-Oracle Oatmeal Cookies $2

-Cardboard box ??? (find one lying around)

-00101111011100 patterned paper for wrapping (print)

Step 2: Gather Materials (Blazing Saddles)

Same principal generally applies, i.e. the gathering.


Can of Beans

Cowboy hat


Gold Nugget chewing gum

Tip: Try to keep the ratio of useful gifts to gag gifts rather high, such as 3:1 or 4:1.
All gifts here fit the Western theme of the movie, and the more specific you can get the gifts to the movies, the better--- those who have seen Blazing Saddles know that beans are especially relevent :).

Step 3: Lable and Assemble!

Print out labels for the minigifts, inserting pictures when possible. I taped this picture of the Oracle, for instance, over the brand name of the cookies.

When it's all in and put together, wrap with themed paper. The black and green 00101110101 paper is an obvious choice for the Matrix, and ideal for wrapping a small box because it is so ink intensive.

I don't really know what you could use for the Blazing Saddles box, but I'm sure there is a cowboy type pattern on google images.

Alternative: On all sides of the box, put pictures of characters- one side is Orpheus, Neo, that evil pasty guy, etc...

As far as labeling goes, I put the jellybeans in two ziploc bags and labeled them "Red Pills" and "Blue Pills." Feel free to get more creative with the others, for instance "Neovision" for the sunglasses.

Step 4: Tips

This is a great gift for people who loves movies. This especially works well if the movie is one of their favorites, or one that they've seen a few times. That way it's easy to work with small details of the movie which they'll recognize and appreciate, like an inside joke.

For example, if you have temporary tattoo paper (useful for shocking friends and parents), you can make a tattoo of the white rabbit from the Matrix.
A minor detail, to be sure, but it will definitely be appreciated by the discerning fan.

If you can, go to the dollar store for some of the gag gifts, excellent. You don't want to spend $7 on a cowboy hat that they'll laugh at and wear once.