Introduction: Movie Magic Smoke/Fog

You always wanted that fog or thick smoke for a play or a home movie right? I mean any Thanksgiving would look better when there's smoke all around. This will show you how to make that thinck pea soup smoke with dry ice.

Step 1: Get Da Stuff'

You will need these things.
1.Dry Ice. I heard stories that you can get it at your ice cream store, food market, and other countless places. I got mine of the internet. This is the website I used,
2. A large tub. You will need a large tub. At least big as your sink
3. Oven mits. You need to hold the dry ice.
4. Water. This is the hardest thing to find on our list!
Images will come later today.

Step 2: Mix It All Up!

If you got the dry ice from the website I provided. The dry ice will come in the size of bricks. If you want smaller blocks take out your largest knife in your abode (not a meat cleaver) and cut away. Use the oven mits , DRY ICE BURNS!
Fill the bucket full of water. It does not have to be filled to the top, but THE SHORTER THE BUCKET THE BETTER
This is not my pic. I "borrowed" it of Google.

Step 3: Mix All Da Stuff II

With the gloves take the dry ice and drop it in the water.
This is from my bathroom sink.


As soon as you place the ice in the water it smokes and fizzes. If you want to have smoke to go somewhere (like on a stage) place the bucket on high grounds, like on a ladder. The smoke will fall down (because CO2 is heaver than air) and it looks cool. Also you got a bubbling cauldron, Harry Potter.
Here is a video. Yeah this one is mine. But not the pic. See I did this in relation with my science fair project (my project was testing if light altered the movement of cosmic rays and particles which it did through Brownian Motion but I did not win the judges did not understand my project) in March, before I knew about this site. So thanks