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Introduction: Movie in a Box

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Have you ever wanted to make a movie but didn't have the equipment or the crew, well now you can. Using very few parts and not a lot of time you can make this movie in a box that will even fit in your pocket. With this you can film and take to any computer and edit and finish your movie.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Ipod Touch 4th Gen
Ipod Touch Box
Memory Stick
Ipod Cord
Ear bud Headphones
Rubber Band
Credit Card Type Card
Green Screen


Step 2: The Box

Take the box that the Ipod came in and pull the paper part out because we will not need this

Step 3: Camera Mount

Now we are going to start making the camera mount (Ipod is the camera). for this we will need the flat piece of plastic and the rubber band. Take the rubber band and cut two 2"lengths of it. As seen in picture 3 with one hand push both ways so the slit gets wider and the with the other hand put an end of the rubber band in, do this for all for ends of the rubber band. leave a few millimeters sticking out the other side so you can fold them over and glue (if you do not fold they just pull out) i used hot glue because it dries fast.

Step 4: Camera Hole

Now we need to make the hole for the camera. first slide the Ipod into the mount. Once it is in flip the whole thing over and with a sharpie mark where the camera is. Take the ipod out and then Using a demel or drill, dril out the hole.

Step 5: The Hinge

Take the mount and place it Ipod side down on the top of the box. Get it centered and then we will make a tape hing. here i used clear packing tape but ou could use almost any tape (duct tape, gorilla tape, electrical tape etc...). place the tape on the edge so you can flip the mount up and down. now we need to make a stopper so the mount stops at 90 degrees to the box. take the plastic card and cut a stip length ways about a centimeter and a half width. cut outthe strip and glue it onto the tlid of the box with a bit sticking up for the mount to hit. this will now act like a tripod for you Ipod.

Step 6: Memory

Now we add the memory stick, this is here so you can save your videos onto it if it is not your computer that you are using. First place the memory stick in the box and mark where the port will stick out. take your dremel and cut out the rectangle. make sure the memory stick fit, then glue it in place (I used hot glue) As well as saving you projects onto it you can also put a video editor onto it. WAX is a free video editor which you can dowmload here

Step 7: Packing

This is the easiest and the hardest step at the same time. Now you don't have to have a green screen but with one you can do cool chroma key effects, to fit mine in i had fold and press it alot. Once you have the green screen in you can put the head phones in and then the Ipod cord. Finally you can put the ipod in and close the lid. It is now ready to go into your pocket.

Step 8:

You are now finished your movie in a Box. Put it in your pocket and carry it around, when you see something you want to make a movie about take it out and find the nearest computer to edit it.

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    Thanks. It's just 6 green pages glued together, it would be better and fit nicer if you actually got some thin green cloth I just didn't have time to leave my house.