Introduction: Movie to Web-Comic Conversion

I Just now got the idea that it might be fun (kind of impractical, almost certainly illegal, but fun nonetheless) to take screen captures from key shots in movies and digitally redraw them in Illustrator or a similar program, add in word bubbles and the like. Thus converting the movies into readable web comics.

Any input on such an idea?

(I have included a sample from the movie Hackers (The scene where Dade realizes there's another hacker on the computer network for the TV broadcasting station he's hacked into) as the basic idea of what it would be interesting to accomplish, the image quality is not that great because i just filtered the image in Photoshop as opposed to redrawing in it illustrator to save some time.)

(Also included a color version with Japanese text "Uso! Ha-ka- da." might not be exactly right basically a direct translation would be "lie! a hacker.")

Step 1: Play a Movie on Your Computer.

This step is self explanatory. DVDs, Divx, Whatever.

Step 2: Collecting Frames

This step could take a rather long time. Pause the movie at frames that are A. Visually important to the plot. and B. Not going to be hell to redraw or edit digitally.

Step 3: Turning Screen Captures Into Art

Take all of your frames and redraw them in Illustrator (very very time consuming, but potentially worth it) or find a decent filter in photoshop to give them a comic book-style effect and batch process them (something tells me quality will be lost here). Now you have a movie's worth of comic book images to add word bubbles and narration bubbles to.

Step 4: Add Word/Narration Bubbles

Now that you have all of your Comic book styled images you need to add word bubbles to the characters as well as potentially adding narration bubbles. A copy of the script and a decent knowledge of the movie will help here. Load up your images one by one into Photo-shop, Illustrator, etc... and edit in such things, I imagine to save a little bit of time you could create a vector word bubble in Illustrator and resize it as you need it for all the dialog.