Introduction: Moving Fan Instructable

This moving fan was made for the purpose of having it to cool you while you work on your computer.


- 220 Ohm Resistor

- Jumper Wires

- Potentiometer

- Fan

- Servo Motor


- CBL Blue wire

- Transistor

Step 1: Schematic

This component is made up of two electric circuit pathways. One leading a pathway of electricity through wires from the power source(arduino[usb from cpu]) to the servo to help it move 0 degrees clockwise and counter-clockwise and another pathway leading to the fan to help it turn on with the help of electrons flowing through three male wires entering its female inputs(3 of 4). With both components, I was able to make a durable and long lasting fan that was able to move 90 degrees either side you choose to by using a potentiometer. That way, you don’t have to hesitate to move the fan to a direction you desire using force and can just use a finger to operate it. Much like DJ’s, they are always using potentiometers to operate their system because it makes life easier instead of having to go into the computer system and change it up time after time.

Step 2: Code

Two codes were made to both operate the fan and the servo motor.