Introduction: Moving Gunpla : Gundam

Once the models are made they do not move. So I decided to create a way for the Gundam models to move.

The basic plastic models once assembled can only stand in the set positions. I wanted to make the models into more than a statue. I figured that if I was able to transform the models into a moving statue I would enjoy them a lot more.

The project remodeled a plastic model kit with a servo, LED, controlled by Arduino Board. Also, I used the Gundam Plastic model for the display of the project.

Step 1: Adjusting Plastic Model.

First, Modifying neck parts.

Thers is a servo in the neck for the axis of head to rotate.

Next, Modifying shoulder parts. I use SG-90 servo for this part.

Cut the joint part in the Gunpla kit and make a hole to insert to servo horn

(Before inserting servo horn, cut the leg of servo horn to make servo horn is round.)

And, to get the space of servo, remove some structures in the body parts.

Servos are located neck and shoulder, so remove that places.

Step 2: Installing LED.

Turn on lights in eyes and vulcan canon with LED on head.

In case of a vulcan, diameter is so small, so I inserted optical fiber and inserted LED into the rear optical fiber. In eyes, the LEDs are positioned well to allow light to spread well. To wire through the body, make some holes in the body to drain to the legs.

I was working on the gunpoint of the beam rifle on right arm. Wiring inside the rifle, hand over the forearm, and then to the shoulder joint. (I tried the operation after the completion, but the weight of the beam rifle was too heavy to operate smooth, so I replaced it with the beam saber.)

Now wiring through the leg from the body.
I worked on the hip joint, thigh, and through knee joints and ankle part and the soles of hips.

Step 3: Painting Model.

Painting was done by contrast painting and weathering to give a real feeling.
The order of painting is in the order of the surfacing - base coloring with white color - contrast paint with black paint - the coloring of each part.

And finished with touching panel line, decaling and weathering.

Step 4: Programming Arduino.

To operate servos and LEDs in Gundam, connect with Arduino and made program for Arduino.

The program has some functions for opertaing servo, LED and connecting bluetooth.

Arduino sketch file for bluetooth is "Gundam_bt.ino"

(At first, I use serial communication between Arduino and Notebook. The file for serial is "Gundam_serial.ino".)

Step 5: Programs for User Interface.

To operate Gundam with android phone, developed an app using an MIT App Inventor 2.

And for the case of using Notebook, developed a program using Processing 3.(This program is must modified on CPU, com port. so, I don't upload execute file.)

I try to explain as well as I could. But I am not good at English, there is mistakes to translate.

I hope you have enjoyed while reading this Instructable.