Introduction: Moving Halloween Pumpkin

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I'm Skripton and I own a Youtube channel, I made a Moving Halloween pumpkin for one of my videos and thought it would be cool to share it here!

So basically this is a tutorial showing you how to build a Bluetooth controlled Moving pumpkin.


Arduino Uno

Bluetooth module

H-Bridge Driver

12V DC Motor

5v Relay

Step 1: Making a Pumpkin (Intro)

Okay! So you might have seen many tutorials on making a paper mache pumpkin but I find it kind of difficult to achieve the final product that they have achieved, It either bursts or doesn't Get a proper shape, So I came up with my own technique to make one.

Step 2: Making a Pumpkin- Step 1

Take a balloon, fill it to 3/4th of its capacity(estimate) and then cover it with paper mache(Pieces of paper dipped in a mixture of 2 parts glue to 3 parts water). Let it dry. It should look like this.(Ignore the rope, I used it to hang the balloon)

Then Burst it using a pin

Now you have a paper mache balloon ready

Step 3: Making a Pumpkin Step-2

Now that you have a paper mache balloon ready we need a few grooves to make it look like a pumpkin.

Take a Newspaper and cut it into a few stripes(pic-1)

Now roll the papers(pic-2)

Dip the Rolled news paper in the previously made mixture(the glue and water mixture) and wrap it around the baloon(pic-3)

Let it dry, and then it should look like this(pic-4)

Again cover it with a new layer of paper mache and this is how it should turn out(pic-5)

Step 4: Making a Pumpkin(step-3)

Paint the Whole thing orange

Give it some final touches by painting the bulged part yellow and the Paint the deep part Brown

Step 5: Making a Pumpkin(step-4)

Even if the pumpkin you made did not look too convincing, After carving out the eyes and mouth it will look a lot better

Step 6: Carrier(Step-1)

Okay! now that the pumpkin is done, you'll need to make a Carrier that will Move the pumpkin.

So first make a base for the pumpkin, which will have all the components.

Base is Just a piece of hard material, that is cut properly just about the size of the base of pumpkin.

Step 7: Carrier (Step-2)

Fix all the components firmly on the base, to fix the motor make a L shape holder with a hole to push the motor through. I made mine using a 3D pen, but you can make yours using a cardboard piece. Watch my video to get a better clarity on how to do it.

Step 8: Wiring

Wire all the components as shown in the diagram above.

You'll need 2 separate power supply, one for Powering the motor and another for the micro controller.

You need different ones to prevent fluctuation of the micro controller while the motor is powered.

Step 9: Software.

There is an app I made to Control the Arduino through Bluetooth. Click here to get the APK file. after downloading the APK you'll need to open it to get the app.

Then you'll need to upload a code to arduino. Click here to get it.

Upload it to Arduino(don't forget to disconnect the RX and TX pin while uploading)

Step 10: COMPLETE!!!!!

Put the pumpkin on top of the carrier and you have DONE IT!!!! Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel, and if you enjoyed this post, give it a thumbs up!!! Have a Nice day!! Click here to go to my channel

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