Moving in the Winter? Check These 4 Essentials!

Introduction: Moving in the Winter? Check These 4 Essentials!

Whenever and wherever you move, you have to know about all the issues that can come out during the move. And of course this will mean absolutely nothing if you don't have an idea how to prevent them. Accidents may occur. Injuries are a part of the moving process, after all - you're moving heavy things. Unfortunately, third party can be involved and stolen goods are a regular part of the move. Having that said, you should know and be prepared for anything. Find out about the small things which will make your move safer and less concerning.

Step 1: Injuries

Did you know that 40 percent of all moves end up with an injury of some sort. Lower back pain is the most common thing that can occur. Besides that you have fingers, hands, arms, legs and feet injuries. And these are really painful. The biggest cause to that is the incorrect weight distribution. Yes, there's science behind picking up boxes. The box weight should be distributed equally to both hands and the distance between them shouldn't be more than 50 centimetres (That's for an average man.).

The second biggest threat are the narrow doorways, staircases and hallways. Before you pick up the item you're moving - check the route for anything that can get in the way. Disassemble any big furniture pieces. For bigger items like pianos, pool tables, fridges and washing machines bring lots of helping hand. Moving companies are also an option. Although some of them are really expensive, you know that your boxes are in good hands.

Step 2: Tools

Having the right tools for a moving can save you time and a toe or two. Besides the most obvious thing - a moving vehicle of some sort (Luton body van, moving truck, pickup truck) you have a few things which come really handy on moving day. Here's the list:

  • Furniture dolly - these look like a skateboard and can make the impossible possible! The big science behind using a furniture dolly is this - you put one of the ends of a couch or a sofa on the board and pick up the other one. This way the weight falls on the board and the carrier just has to navigate.
  • Packing tape and scissors - the man's best friend on moving day. Keep a pair of scissors and some packing tape on you at all times. Tape can be used for literally everything - securing boxes, putting together assembly parts for the furniture and many more things. So always have some packing tape with you!
  • Moving blankets - when stacking wooden furniture in the back of the moving truck, a blanket will protect it from scratches, pressure and any other kind of damage. Be sure to get some and then secure it in place with tape!
  • Straps - to secure the stacked boxes in place. You have no idea how many people forget about these and the back of the truck is a mess after they arrive at the destination. Straps are connected to the interior walls of the truck and then tightened so that everything remains in place. If too tight the straps can snap and too loose is risky for the goods.

Step 3: Loading

If you don't rely on a moving company and decided to go DIY, the third thing you should know about is loading the back of the truck. Needless to say, many of the injuries come at this stage. Here are a few tips from one of London's top man and van and removals company - Removals Chiswick.

  • When renting a truck, always go with the bigger one. Make sure the truck will accommodate at least 10 percent more of what you got to move. This is both for volume and weight.
  • When buying boxes make sure they have the same size. It will be much easier to stack them.
  • Your dollies should come in different sizes and always have straps.
  • Put on the right clothes. Don't wear any shirts that have loose sleeves because these can get snagged. Don't wear any sandals or open-toed shoes, obviously.
  • Remove contents of drawers and desks.
  • Pillows, towels and of course moving blankets are awesome for cushioning fragile items.

Step 4: The Winter Move

With the winter just outside the door, there are still people who are brave enough to go on with a move. Don't worry. There's nothing scary about it. With these advice we will explain how to go through a winter move easier than ever.

  • Ensure that you have heating and lighting at your new place. A suggestion from our professionals is to have the utilities turned on a few days before you arrive to check whether or not everything is in order. It is important to do this any time of the year but you will really want to make it happen in the winter when it is colder and the days are much shorter.
  • Clear the snow from any walkway. Make sure both the walks at your new and at your old place are thoroughly cleaned and there is no snow or ice. Use salt or sand.
  • Make sure there's enough room for parking for the moving truck. The time of the year doesn't matter. There should always be a parking space for the moving truck. Some places or areas would require a parking permit - make sure you have that too. During the winter it is twice as hard to find a parking space so contact your neighbours and negotiate. Buy them cookies. This always does the trick!

Step 5: Be the Boss You'd Want to Have...

As said, buy your neighbours cookies. Be nice to people. If you've hired a moving company, buy them lunch. If you got friends helping you, pay both for the gas and buy them lunch also. Remember - on moving day you are the boss. Be the boss you'd want to have, not the one you'd hate!

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    8 years ago on Step 3

    These are great tips not only for moving during the winter, but for any time of the year. In fact, these are practical tips for moving to begin with. Some of us may not be able aware of these or most likely be caught up in the various activities of planning the move. There are a number of forums that people could provide great tips for those who are in various stages of moving, and these should be explored thoroughly.

    Good ideas and your illustrations are perfect! I definitely endorse the idea of cookies! I will be moving soon and will keep this all in mind.