Moving Minecraft Characters




Introduction: Moving Minecraft Characters

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Make your own moving Creeper, Zombie and Steve from Minecraft. Watch, chases fights and other madness.

Step 1: What You Need

The templates for Man (Steve) Monster (Creeper) and Zombie (Zombie) printed onto card of approximately 300 gsm

3 Fizzbits, or make your own vibration module.

Glue (I use UHU but PVA works great too, just takes a bit longer to dry)

3 sticky foam pads

A craft knife and mat or scissors

Step 2: Cut Out Steve

With a knife or scissors carefully cut around Steve and his arms.`

Step 3: Fold and Glue

Fold along the edge of all the tabs and along the dotted lines. Apply glue to the tabs and glue them together. Glue Steve's arms onto the sides of his body in whatever pose you like.

Step 4: Add Vibration Module

If you are making your own vibration module build this into Steve's head. If you're using a Fizzbit stick a sticky foam pad just inside the hole in the back of Steve's head. Push the pointy end of the Fizzbit through the hole and push down on the motor to stick it to the pad.

Step 5: Make the Zombie

Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 with the Zombie.

Step 6: Cut and Fold the Creeper

Fold along all the dotted lines, paying attention the ones that should be folded backwards (under the chin and behind the head).

Step 7: Glue the Creeper

Apply glue to all the places that say 'GLUE'. Start putting the Creeper together starting with the head and working downwards to the legs.

Step 8: Add Vibration Module

Add the vibration module or Fizzbit as in step 4. Your characters are now complete. If you are using Fizzbits all you need to do is plug them in to USB sockets for 30 seconds and you are ready for Minecraft Madness!

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All i need is to print Steve, And get Fizzbits... Its pretty Simple how you make it and the finished product is pretty good! Good Job Crafty Robot!



7 years ago on Introduction

Very cool project I'm making a few of these for my little siblings for Christmas, except instead of vibration modules I'm gonna put them on top of some RC cars and give them diamond swords to brawl with. Thanks for the print outs!!!