Introduction: Moving Moss

Make an illusion of moss moving on top of a box so when you pet it it, comes towards you, and moves like it is breathing. Using magnets and Arduino with moving sensor made the illusion.



Bookbinding paper

wooden plates for sides and bottom

2 strong magnets

moss and stones

linear gear mechanism

2 Arduino

2 Servo

moving sensor or light sensor




Laser cutter

Step 1: Make the Box and Linear Gear Mechanism

First step is making a box with strong sides and bottom, then bookbinding paper on top. Does not matter the size.

sow the wooden plates but laser cut the bookbinding paper. Then glue it all together.

Make a linear motion, I used the "laser cut Linear Actuator" by Zarify.

Then glue that on the backside if the bookbinding paper.

Step 2: Make the Moss Move

Place the magnets on, one on the gear and one to the moss.

Connect the Servo and Arduino(can download the one in links) with movement sensor and try it out!

Step 3: Make Second Motion, Breathing Motion

Second motion is more simple and all you need is a servo and stick to glue onto the servo.

Make a cut on the paper where you want the motion to be. Place the servo connected with the stick underneath the cut so it can move within the cut.

Linked is the Arduino motion for this movement.

Step 4: Decorate the Box and Hide the Sensor

You can do this how you like but make sure people do not see the motion sensor to make the illusion motion

Step 5: Have a Person Try It Out!