Introduction: Mp3 Amplifier Output

In this instructable I'll show you how to connect your MP3 player to your amp to play your music or videos (the sound).

Step 1: Materials

MP3 player, guitar amplifier, audio cable (does not need to be retractable), stereo headphones with headphone/stereo capability.

Step 2: Connection

Now you want to take off the stereo cap of the stereophones, leaving the headphone jack.

Take the stereo cap and put it on one end of the audio cable and the other end of the cable to the headphone jack of your MP3 Player.

Now take the stereo end of the audio cable and plug it into the "INPUT" port of the guitar amp with the MP3 still connected.

Then turn on the amp as well as the MP3 player.

Select whatever song or video you wish to play and play it.

The sound of the song or video should come through to