Introduction: Mr Beams MB3000 Mounting Hack

About: “There's always something.” - Violet Baudelaire:

I wanted to install the Mr Beams MB3000 High Performance Wireless Battery Powered Motion Sensing LED Dual Head Security Spotlight, 500 Lumens, White, 4 Pack tucked in as high up and as far back under the eaves as possible. Unfortunately, out of the box, you have to leave space above the bracket (vertical wall) or behind the bracket (horizontal eave).

I noted that the unit base was electrically identical turned 180 degrees. Only, there were a pair of tabs to prevent me from doing that. So...

Step 1: Modification

1. Remove the bracket and unscrew and remove the base

2. Remove the tabs on the body (I used a Dremel with a large cut-off wheel)

3. Put in the batteries and turn the base 180 degrees so the index marks face in opposite directions (90 degrees won’t work)

4. Screw down the screws

5. Mount the bracket with the tab facing up or back

6. Slide on the unit

7. If vertical, install a catch screw below it in case the latch fails.

This method also makes it less obvious how it is installed. Easy for you to do the standard install, yep. Easy for someone to walk away with it, yep.

When you need it down, remove the catch screw and press the tab with a pencil. Be ready to catch it.

Also, the units are different for sensitivity and light duration. Put the most sensitive and longest on in the most important location.

Also, these models are “networked”. If one comes on, they all do. I didn’t want this so I set the switches to both up, both down, right up and left down, and left up and right down. It only works for a maximum of four units.