Introduction: Mr. Peanut

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Constructed of chicken wire, mache, paper clay, epoxy putty and plenty of tape.

Step 1: Finding a Shape

One of the hardest parts is taking the time to get the basic shape for Mr. Peanut.

Step 2: Creating a Cane

I guess you could use a store bought cane, but it's fun to take the time to carve one out and paint it yourself. I used an old pool cue and measured 33" up from the bottom. I then used a piece of poplar to cut and carve the peanut shape.

Step 3: Creating the Peanut Look

I've seen other peanut costumes that looked fine, but they just didn't have the peanut definition to them. I used newspaper and folded it into long rectangular pieces. These were then held in place until I could get mache on them.

Step 4: Mache of the Head and Body

Pretty simple step here. Flour and water to the consistency that you like and then just make a cross crossed pattern for strength.

Step 5: Priming Head and Body

Primed everything white to cover the ink from the newspaper.

Step 6: Making of the Face. Eyes, Nose and Mouth. Not for the Faint of Heart.

The face wasn't particularly easy. And Mr. Peanuts face is far from perfect, but I think it turned out ok. I used a paper clay on the face so that, I could sand it smooth and make the face look as if it's part of the shell, and not an add on. Once the paper clay was dry(2days) I orbital sanded it with 150 grit sandpaper and then used epoxy putty to fill in the big cracks. The nose, too, is made with epoxy putty and shaped. Lips and teeth are also made from epoxy putty. The teeth were very difficult as there isn't much room to work with, but with a little patience and small tools, it can be done. Eye holes were covered with pieces of plastic that are cut from a water bottle, shaped and then allowed to dry in the paper clay to hold it in place.

Step 7: Making the Monocle

Monocle was constructed using the lid from a can of Pringles. I then epoxied a plumbing elbow to the side and fitted a 1/4" piece of rope to it. Everything was then painted black.

Step 8: Shoes

Shoes were purchased at a thrift store and then painted with the white to give the perfect look.

Step 9: All of the Outerwear Together.

Assembly of the pieces minus the clothing.

Step 10: Clothing

A gray sweater was purchased. The white shirt and green tie were in my closet and became sacrificial lambs. Shirt and tie were both cut(because they were too small to fit around the neck) these were then wire tied to the neck so that the ties were not visible.

Step 11: Completion

Sweater was fitted around Mr. Peanut.. The cuffs from my white shirt were cut off and slipped over the wrist, too.

Step 12: Random Images

Some that didn't make the steps.

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