Introduction: Mr. Pennyworth's Grover-Trophy Flutophone Steampunk Pistol

This is an easy DIY steampunk pistol with Flutophone barrel. I originally wrote this in three separate instrctables (construction/metal parts/painting wooden handles). I have merged them all together in one convenient location but left the other in case you are just looking for the metal or wood look.

Part 2 (painting realistic metal appearance)

Part 3 (painting realistic wooden pistol grips)

exact materials and measurements were included but feel free to use your creative license as you see fit.
I have included Amazon links to the exact material I used. Not all the products were available so I tried referencing where it was bought. (Prices on paint and other materials may not be better than locally purchased supplies).

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Step 1: Materials:

1 Grover-Trophy Flutophone

1 Wild West toy pistol (from Dollar General)

(Amazon did not carry this product so I can not provide a link)

weed wacker line (0.095 in is what I used with out having to drill out the holes for it fit properly)

1 5-min 2 part epoxy
Black spray paint

White paint (I used DecoArt Designer Series white)

burnt umber oil paint (I used Master's touch burnt umber)

Silver Leaf Rub'n Buff

Gold Leaf Rub'n Buff

Saw (I used a scroll saw)
paint brush
Pen knife

Step 2: Cutting the Barrel:

Disassemble the Flutophone into three peices. You will only need the horn portion, discard the ring and mouthpiece (or save for later projects).

Holding the Flutophone against the toy pistol mark the area of the barrel so the Flutophone aligns evenly with the top of the pistol.

Cut along the marked edge with a saw.

Trim the edges with the pen knife (or sand it with sand paper for minor adjustments) until it fits the way you want it.

Step 3: Gluing the Barrel:

Mix the 2-part epoxy and glue the Flutophone barrel to the pistol with the 7 holes facing up.

Step 4: Making the Wires:

Cut the weed wacker line to desired lengths (you can do it how ever you want i have included the measurements I used)

2- 2.5 in sections
1- 5.6 in
1- 6 in
1- 6.5 in
1- 7 in
1- 8 in

Step 5: Installing the Wires:

Using the diagram place the weed wacker line sections as follows:

Starting back to front: (again you can set it up any way you like)

from hole 1 to 5 place the 6.5 in section

1 to 2 place 2.5 in

3 to 4 place 2.5 in

3 to B place 5.5 in

4 to B place 6 in

6 to B place 7 in

7 to B place 8 in

Step 6: Glue the Wires in Place:

Mix some 2-part epoxy and use a toothpick to place glue around the holes to hold the wires in place.

Step 7: Painting Inside the Barrel:

Place the pistol in a way you can shoot a couple quick shots of black spray paint down the
barrel. I just placed mine off the the edge of my paint table and sprayed twice down the barrel. Let it dry:

Step 8: Painting Inside the Barrel:

Once the paint is dry, stand the gun on it barrel and paint the
entire pistol black. Be sure to cover all the pieces but not to drown out the details with too many coats of paint Let it dry:

Step 9: Coloring the Barrel:

Squeeze a small portion of the silver Rub 'n Buff onto a paper
plate/piece of cardboard or if your cool enough to have a palette.

Using your finger and rub it in a small area of the plate to remove the excess. (You can use rubber gloves if you don't like to get to get dirty, but i prefer to to feel the amount of material on my fingers and the pressure that I'm placing against the pistol.) Using long strokes cover the barrel carefully getting between the wires. Apply very gentle pressure in areas that you want shading and detail (the Grover-Trophy logo).

Cover the entirety of the gun except the the wooden handle, trigger, trigger housing and wires. Be sure to get inside the barrel starting from the back and rubbing out words. You will probably get some smudges on the wooden handle portion that's ok we will be painting that separately.

Step 10: Apply the Gold Rub N' Buff:

Wash the silver off your fingers or change your gloves before applying the gold coloring.
Using the same method as the silver, apply the gold to the remaining parts of the pistol except the wooden handle.

Step 11: Do the Gold Band (optional):

I also did the ring at the front to try to give it the look of a brass band...

Step 12: Painting the Wooden Pistol Grips:

We will now paint the wooden pistol grips to give it a realistic wooden look.

Step 13: Paint the Pistol Grips White:

Using a small paint brush paint both sides of the pistol grips white
using a white acrylic paint. Get a good coat but don't worry if you do not have the steady hands to get along the edges, the black can add a sense of depth and age to the wood when its complete.

Let it dry completely, you don't want the white smearing in the follow on steps.

Step 14: Begin the Burnt Umber:

Put a small amount of burnt umber oil paint on a secluded portion of a disposable rag (or paper towel).

Step 15: Applying the Burnt Umber:

Rub burnt umber into the recesses of the pistol grips making sure to
cover all the white on the pistol grips. You want to get a good amount down inside the cracks .

Step 16:

Using a clean spot on your rag, gently rub the excess of leaving a
lighter color on the elevated spots and leaving some down in the cracks to create the look of stained wood. Let it dry, this is oil paint so give it at least a day.

Step 17: Completion!!

This completes the Mr. Pennyworth's Grover-Trophy Flutophone Steampunk Pistol instructable, as you can see I have done both wires to to right and to left (left and right handed pistols).

Please follow us for further projects and like Mr. Pennyworth's Hat-bedashery and Weapons Emporium to see our products available for sale!

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