Introduction: Mr. Rileys Class Computer Build

Building a computer can be dangerous. Make sure you have electrostatic protection such as an anti-static wrist-strap or anti-static mat. You will want everything near you and ready.

Step 1: Add the CPU

We will start by adding a CPU to the motherboard. There is no force to be applied down on the CPU since it should fit into place on its own once lined up. (note: make sure if you have an AMD you raise the metal bar before inserting the CPU.)

Step 2: The Cooling Fan

Now that the CPU is done we need a way to cool it. Make sure that there is new thermal paste before adding the fan. Then while putting the fan on use the lever to lock the fan in place on the two plastic ledges. Then plug the fan into the pins on the motherboard labeled CPU fan.

Step 3: Ram

Next we will put in a stick of ram. In the RAM port pull the two arms back and insert the RAM card. You will need down pressure or its not gonna be easy. Once the ram stick is down you will hear a click. Push the arms back to anchor in place.

Step 4: Graphics Card and Speaker

Now when putting the graphics card in you will want an elevated work space there may be an arm you ave to move back before applying pressure. once the card is in plug in a speaker into the speaker pins.

Step 5: Power and Testing

The power supply has many cords so this can be confusing. the cords that we will use are the 24 pin and 4 pin power cords once those are in transfer to a monitor and turn on by shorting out the two power switch pines on the mother board. a beep and a no hard drive warning is a good sign that everything is working so far.

Step 6: Fitting It All Together

Now we want to get everything in the case. Once that's done make sure to screw in the motherboard standoffs and the hard drive in its spot. when everything is in plug all the cords from the case and the power supply into the corresponding spots. Plug in the SATA cable and SATA power. once the case is back together you are ready to install the OS.