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About: Former recon marine, did time in the Navy as well. build robots for a living, engineer as a trade. Inventor, Black belt TKD. battle bots. robot wars etc. Medal of valor recipient.

I would like to print out this robotic hand and make it fully articulated using air muscels. A company called "INMOOV " makes them. I want to improve this design and make it better. 

I see this hand helping our veterans who have lost a hand fighting for our freedoms we all take for granted and give them something back. 

I see using my Epoc Emotive headset as the control interface so you can use just your mind to control the hand.

Step 1: Back Side

here is the reverse side of the robot hand. notice the cabling and control wires.

Step 2:

Here is the headset from Emotiv.

I have all of the files ready in .stl format. I just need a good printer. 

Lets give our disabled vets a hand Literally...

Semper Fi 

Warren Williams

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