Mr.Floppy Showpiece

Introduction: Mr.Floppy Showpiece

Today, when I was throwing out old stuff, I found a box full of floppies. I was about to throw them but then thought of making something creative out of it. After all, floppies are collectibles these days :D

This showpiece can be made with almost anything. This is what I've used:

1. 3.5" Floppy Platters
2. Pistachious Shells
3. Woolen Thread
4. Artificial Pearls

Additionally I used :
1. Drill Machine (For Drilling in Pista shells.)
2. Scissor (Duh !)
3. Needle

That's pretty much it. Rest is how you want to wove elements in thread.
Should be a fun time on your weekend, making something worth hanging on wall made with material you want to trash.

Step 1: Preparing Materials

Opening a floppy is easy ! No need of Sumo Wrestlers for that :D

I used a 2mm Drill Bit to make fine holes in Pista shells.

Step 2: That's It, Keep on Woving !

I had chosen particular pattern to insert elements in thread.

Finally, this is how it looks :)

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