Introduction: Mrpowerful's Hybrid Gun

This is it. The best gun i have ever built. I came up with it by running into a few problems with other knex guns on this site. My first one is that the ramrod usually bends up or down when cocking.
The second is that there ate not many guns that have accesories you can take on and off and replace with other accesories. The third one is that i'm tired of huge knex guns that barely scrape 7 feet! But this gun fixes all of these problems.
It comes equipped with all of the things shown on the first picture, and maybe even more in the future.
Have fun, and please rate.

***I am currently working on adding a revolver attachment to this gun. If anybody has ideas on how to do that without changing the gun, please let me know***

Step 1: Handle

This is a pretty comfy handle. Its really easy to make.

Step 2: Barrel

This is the barrel, even if it doesn't look like much now.Make sure the pieces are spaced apart the right way.

Step 3: Trigger System

This is my version of somebody elses trigger that they created.
I didnt make it, so give credit to whoever did.

Step 4: Sight

This is my sight. Just look through until half of what you see is black, and half is what you're aiming at.

Step 5: Stabilizers

These are what makes the ram stay straight when cocked. They also make the gun look good, and stable.

Step 6: Ram and Rubberbands

The ram requires one sharpened grey rod. It has to be sharpened, especially if you are using the magazine.

You will need at least one thick rubber band, and one medium rubber band.

Step 7: Magazine

the first option you have is a magazine.If you don't want to use a magazine, and want to use shells, skip to the next step. This dettachable magazine fires green rods. You will have to cut a grey connector to make it work, and you can make it however long you want.

Step 8: Shells

The seond option of this gun is to make it fire shells. They easily dettach when the ram is out of the way. One shell holds green rods, and the other holds white rods. * You can also use the big shells as a barrel to hold any other kind of ammo you want.

Note: you can make as many shells as you want. However, if he ammo is not staying in the shells, you can buy sone aluminum foil tape and put a tiny bit over the end. It has to be aluminum foil tape, because the ram will punch right through it.

Step 9: Barrel Extension and Safety Lock

The barrel extension is another optional accesory. It adds on to the barrel,increasing accuracy, but decreases power and distance.
The temporary safety lock makes sure the bullet does not come out of the gun. It is, yet again, dettachable.

Step 10: Loading, Firing, and Troubleshooting

1. If you are using shells, pull back the ram until the trigger locks into place. Then, put the shells onto the open spot on the barrel. They should look like either one of the last two pictures on step 8.

2. If you are using the magazine, first pull out the magazine ram if it is in. Second, put about 6 green rods ( if you have a short magazine like the one on this instructable ) into the magazine, horizontally. Third, put the black end of the magazine ram into the magazine, and attach the rubberband to the grey/white rods on each end. Pull the pin back, and pull the trigger. Now repeat.

1. The ram wont stay in place.
The ram is probably not sharpened flat enough. Take it out and sharpen it again.

2. The magazine is jamming.
Take the magazine out, fix the jam, and put it back.

3. The bullets in the magazine won't move up.
The grey connector that you cut is probably not flat enough, and the green rods wont snap in.

4. The trigger is too small.
Replace it with an orange or grey connector.

5. I can't get the two grey connectors on the magazine through.
Try taking the red rods off of the two yellow connectors in front of it simultaneously. Put them back afterward