Introduction: Cheap Mtb Led Front Light

I used 1 5w12v led in this build, you can also use more powerfull led spots or use more than 1

With this setup the battery will last around 5 hours

The price of the parts was around 20 euros You can find almost all the parts on ebay or your local lumberyard

The led is 500 lumen

You can charge the battery with the 2 nails on the cap and a 12v battery charger


1 12v led spot 5-10w

12v battery(I used a 2.3ah)

Drinking bottle

50mm pvc pipe and shell




Hose clamp

2 nails

Electric tape

2 battery clips

1 bolt and 1 nut




Hot glue pistol

Soldering iron


Step 1: Battery Pack

Cut the drinking bottle with scissors to fit the battery inside

Connect 2 wires with the clamps to each terminal of the battery

Put the 12v battery inside the bottle and glue it in place

Make a hole in the top of the bottle and run 1 negative and 1 positive through

Put 2 nails through the top of the bottle with a hammer

Solder 1 negative wire to the nail and the positive to the other one

Repair the bottle with hot glue

Step 2: Led Light

Make a hole inside the cap of the pvc pipe with a hammer and a nail, run the negative and positive wire through

Outline the marks of the switch on the plastic cap and cut it out

Put the switch in the opening and solder 1 of the cables to the switch, solder a shorter piece on the other side of the switch

Put the pvc pipe onto the led spot and glue the led inside with hot glue

Solder the wires to the led, do electrical tape on the soldered connections

Test the led and close the cap

Step 3: Connect Lamp to Handlebar

Drill a hole in the middle of the clamp

Put the bolt through and screw the nut onto the bolt inside the pvc pipe

Wrap some tape around the clamp and connect it to the handlebar