Introduction: Muffins for Tea

Bread for the evening or morning, afternoon tea or coffee, are always welcome.

Testing recipes for a similar one in a supermarket selling bread, I have come to this recipe that I find very cute.

I use me only hope comprendn Spanish translator of Uruguay is not English.

ingredients: 4 eggs (whole)

300 ml of condensed milk

1/2 cup soybean oil, or other cooking.

30 or 40 grams of granulated yeast.

1 cup warm milk 50g sugar

1 Kg. 0000 white flour

Step 1: Preparation and Eating ....

1st Step Place all ingredients except flour in a bowl.

2nd Place this and mixed in mixer or blender for 3 to 5 minutes.

3rd Go to the mix adding flour gradually stirring with a wooden spoon, when prompt and consistent, remove and knead by hand 3 or 4 minutes.

Then form muffins, or 1 loaf of white bread mold type.

After enjoying what you did, I hope you like.

Step 2:

Some things may put aside, such as flour, it is not necessary to use a kilogram of flour, can be 800grs, depends on the consistency of the dough, it should be soft and pliable.

Also you can use 3 eggs and 4 for not doing so heavy to health.

This bread is good fill with candy: Quince, or goiabada, sweet milk, or salted: Bacon, ham and cheese, pieces of hot dogs with cheese curd in the center. Fill and are much better.

Leave everything to your imagination and try different flavors and formulas until you find the one that best takes your fancy to you.

Thank you very much for reading this intructable.

I hope you enjoyed it, greetings.