Introduction: Multi Cat Self Filling Water Dispenser

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Here's a quick and easy hack on how to use a water dispenser bottle to make a multi cat, dog or pet watering station that self fills. Only a few modifications are needed to make it easy to use. Your pet will have water for days without you having to constantly fill it. A video at the start and end make it easy to see how it's done.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

You can see how easy it is to make just by watching the video!

Step 2: Things You'll Need

1) Water dispenser bottle

2) a tray or tote that fits the bottle. Depth of your choosing. We used a cat litter tray.

3) 3 - 2 litre pop bottles

4) multi purpose silicone adhesive


1) hacksaw

2) sandpaper

3) scissors

4) 1/2" spade drill bit

5) drill

Step 3: Sealing the Top of the Bottle

The water dispenser bottle top needs to be water tight for this instructable. Once you use this bottle in an actual water dispenser, the seal is punctured and can't be re-used. Next I'll show how to seal it easily.

Step 4: Cut the Top Off

Take one of the 2 litre pop/soda/cola bottles and cut the upper part off. Puncturing it with a utility knife first helps to get the scissors started. These bottles cut quite nicely with scissors.

Step 5: Fit the Top

Look at the top of the dispenser bottle and you'll see a groove. We want to trim the 2 litre bottle a bit more to fit it in that groove. Flip it over and mark it and cut it again with scissors.

Step 6: Test Fit

Take it and use your fingers to force it into the groove and it should pop in. It will be loose but it should stay in there when you move it around.

Step 7: Sealing It

Take your silicone and run a bead in the groove all the way around. Take the bottle top that you cut and again force it into the groove. This is where it can get messy. Have a large rag laid out on the table so that you're able to run your finger on it to remove the silicone from it. Just makes it easier. Now use your finger to smooth out the silicone and use the excess on your finger to push into any spots you see open.

Step 8: Drain Cap

Use a hacksaw and cut under the flange of the bottle. Take a sheet of sandpaper and lay it on a flat surface and sand until it looks smooth like in the picture.

Step 9: Mark the Bottle and Drill Hole

Take the bottle piece that you just cut and place it on the bottle and mark where it will go. Take the 1/2" spade drill bit and cut a hole in the bottle with the drill.

Step 10: Attaching It

Apply a bead of silicone to the flange and install it. Centre it. Wipe any excess off with your finger for that pro look. Now wait 24 - 48 hours to allow the silicone to fully cure.

Step 11: Fill It and Leak Check

Fill it with water. The only thing you want to watch is that you don't damage the lip of the bottle piece you installed. Now put the cap on. Check for any leaks by laying it on it's side.

NOTE: if you have any leaks, just re-apply more silicone and allow to dry.

Step 12: Remove the Cap

Place the bottle in the tray and face the drain towards one of the corners to keep pets from possibly chewing on it. Now remove the cap. The tray will fill until it gets to the top of the drain hole and then it will stop! As the water is used it will automatically fill to attain that same water level!! Woo- hoo! Your done. If your not sure about anything, just watch the video again on the next page! Good luck with this easy instructable!!

Step 13: A Place to Park the Cap!

You may have been wondering what that was for on the bottle!! This part is totally optional. I installed another bottle flange so I'd have a convenient spot to park the cap after I took it off the drain so I wouldn't lose it! No drilling needed, just silicone it to wherever you want on the bottle!

Step 14: If You Missed the Video at the Start, Here It Is Again!

Some people can visualize better by watching the video. Good luck with your project and thanks for watching!

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