Multi Charge and Sync Station




Introduction: Multi Charge and Sync Station

Is this a common picture(right) of your power strip where you usually charge your gadgets? 
Here are the instructions to make a multi charge and sync station(left) with commonly available devices and components. Should require less than 2 hours to complete with some basic tools like pliers, screwdrivers, cutters, files, cable tie, double sided tape and a drill.

Step 1: The Casing/Enclosure.

For the Casing/Enclosure, i would suggest a cheaper plastic unit rather than metal. It is much easier to work on as you will need to drill holes for cables. I got this unit from an electronics store for less than USD8. 

Step 2: The Internals

Internal Components :-

1.) Power extension cord (2 plugs)

2.) USB hub with external power adapter and the more ports the better

3.) Your IPAD2 charger/adapter

4.) Charge/Sync cables for your devices

Step 3: Fit Everything Into the Case/enclosure

You now need to fit everything into the case/enclosure. 

Use some creativity to maximize the usage of the space. Also leave enough room for the charge cables, at this point becareful of the USB Hub. My initial purchased unit didn't fit too well and I had to buy another unit. My advice is to buy the USB Hub last after you have planned out the placement of components. 

All the components are stuck on to the base of the case/enclosure using automotive 3M double sided tape. 

Step 4: Cover It Up

Now cover it up and you are almost done... Here is a picture of it in action. Charging my 2 phones, a bluetooth headset and an IPAD2. 

Step 5: Finishing Touch..

One last thing... I glued on a non-stick mat on top of the casing to provide a non slip surface and I also added a IPAD2 dock to easily charge my IPAD2. This is the end product... 

Have a great time building this!!! 

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Not bad, nice result. The devices could look a bit cluttered on top of the station, but I could sacrifice that for convenience. Nice!