Introduction: Multi-Functional Toaster

This unique-looking device is a Multi-Functional Toaster. This idea is a superb expression of the potential of the toaster. Not only does this toaster toast your bread but it spreads and distributes it as well. Never again will you have to make a mess spreading jam or risk burning yourself trying to grab your toast from in between the hot metal slots. With this device all you have to do is fill the side containers with your favourite spread, place your plate at the base, and pop in your bread. Your bread will be toasted, passed under the condiment dispensers, and then sent onto your plate ready for eating. It’s that simple. Not only that, but the toaster also contains a space at the front where you are able to store your bread, just like a breadbox! If you’re up for it then open up your 123D Design software, take a look through this instructable and try and make one for yourself. Enjoy!

Step 1: Main Body

NOTE: For this instructable the units used are millimeters (mm).

1. Create a box (Length: 20, Width: 20, Height: 30)
2. Determine the front of your toaster and then fillet the top front and back edges (Radius: 4.5)

Step 2: Base

1. Create a box (Length: 20, Width: 50, Height: 1). This box will act as your base.
2. Center the main body onto the box you have created.

Step 3: Breadbox

1. Create a box (Length: 11, Width: 10, Height: 10) and center it inside the front of the main body, just on top of the base, and so that 1 unit of length is sticking out.
2. Subtract the box from your main body.
3. Create another box (Length: 1. Width: 11, Height: 10).
4. Center this box over the opening.
5. Create a cylinder (Radius: 0.2, Length: 7).
6. Position the cylinder horizontal and center it on top of the breadbox cover.
7. Create a sphere (Radius: 0.5).
8. Center the sphere along the width of the door and place it roughly close to the bottom. This will act as a door handle.

Step 4: Slopes

1. Create a right-angle triangle using the polyline tool (Side One: 15, Side Two: 7.5).
2. Extrude the triangle (Height: 16).
3. Rotate the shape so that it is positioned as shown in the picture.
4. Move the shape into the main body so that Side One is coincident with the left side of the main body and touching the base.
5. Copy and mirror the object.
6. Position the new object in the same proportion as the the first object except on the opposite side of the main body.
7. Subtract both triangular objects from the main body.

Step 5: Toaster Slots

1. Make two boxes (Length: 10, Width: 2.5, Height: should just reach the newly subtracted area).
2. Place the boxes so that each one is 4.5 units from the side edge and centered along the length of the main body.
3. Subtract the boxes from the main body.

Step 6: Condiment Dispensers

1. Create a cylinder (Radius: 1, Height: 3).
2. Create a second cylinder (Radius: 0.5, Height: 5).
3. Center the second cylinder on top of the first cylinder.
4. Create another two of these cylindrical sets and equally space them apart along one side of the toaster as shown in the pictures.
5. Create three more cylinders (Radius: 0.25, Height: long enough to pass though a cylindrical set) and center one within each of the cylindrical sets.
6. Subtract each individual cylinder from the cylindrical sets.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 for the opposite side of the toaster.

Step 7: Filleting

1. Fillet the sides of the main body (Radius: 2).
2. Fillet the slots of the main body (Radius: 0.5).
3. Fillet the condiment dispensers (Radius: 0.2).
4. Fillet the breadbox door hinge (Radius: 0.1).
5. Fillet the sides of the door (Radius: 0.4).
6. Fillet the sides of the base (Radius: 10).

Step 8: Borders and Knob


1. Create a cylinder (Radius: 10, Height: 2).
2. Create another cylinder (Radius 9, Height 2).
3. Center the second cylinder inside the first cylinder.
4. Subtract the inner cylinder from the outer cylinder.
5. Separate the cylinder into two halves and position each one at both ends of the base as shown in the picture.

1. Create a cylinder (Radius: 3, Height: 1)
2. Center the cylinder against the front of the toaster as shown in the picture.
3. Fillet the cylinder (Radius: 0.5)

Step 9: Materials

Main Body = Stainless Steel
Dispensers = PVC (Colour: Black)
Door = PVC (Colour: Black)
Door Handle = PVC (Color: Black)
Hinge = Steel
Knob = PVC (Colour: Black)
Base = Oak

Step 10: Containers and More Materials

1. Create a box (Length: 10, Width: 3, Height: 5).
2. Create a second box (Length: 9.5, Width: 2.5, Height: 4.5).
3. Center the second box inside the first box so that the both tops are coincident.
4. Center the box set along the side of the main body.
5. Subtract the second box from the first box.
6. Attach two rectangular boxes (First = Length/Width: 2, Height: 6, Second = Length/Width: 2, Height: 4) perpendicular to one another and place them so that the longer one is touching the container and the shorter one is touching the main body. Refer to the pictures for a visual representation.
7. Fillet the outermost corner to a radius you find most suitable.
8. Create another box to act as the lid (Length: 10, Width: 3, Height: 1).
9. Place the lid directly on top of the container.
10. Repeat steps 1-8 for the opposite side of the main body.

More Materials:
Container = Glass
Lid = PVC (Colour: Black)
Pipe = PVC ( Colour: Black)

Step 11: Load It Up!

Now you can admire your masterpiece! Fill your new toaster up with a fresh loaf of bread and your favourite spreads such as Jam and Marmalade. Enjoy!
[ You can change the colour of the glass container to represent your own favourite spreads! ]

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