Introduction: Multi-Furniture


  • Arne Warlop
  • Tuur van den Berge
  • Bram van Damme
  • Robin Vandermeersch

are students Industrial Product Design at the Howest.

For an assigment we had to work in team to create a Multi-Furniture.

We decided to make a furniture which fits between two legs of a tent.

If you want to see our whole proces of how we became it's final design, you can find us on our blog:

Here you can see step by step how we did it and build it yourself.

Good luck!

Step 1: Tools & Materials

1. Materials
  • Square tube of steel ■35cm (±250cm)
  • (2x) Steel sheets 3 x 200 x 100mm
  • Multiplex-panel 250 x 122 x 1,8 cm
  • Rubber U-strip (±50cm)
  • Bolts and nuts M8
  • Wooden panel 600 x 400 x 8

2. Tools

  • Basic tools like metal file, pliers, ...
  • CNC-Machine (Metal and Wood)
  • Hacksaw
  • Laser cutter

Step 2: Square Tube

NEED: Square tube 35cm

First you have to measure the inside length between two legs of your tent, because the tube needs to fit in between.

When you have mesured, you can cut the tube to exact lenght.

With a hacksaw that's an quick and easy job.

We sanded the tube for a nice and clean look but that's not necessary.

Step 3: Connection Part

NEED: (2x )Steel Plate 3x 200 x 100mm, Rubber U-strip

At first, the steel plate has to be milled by a CNC machine.

Second you have to fold a small edge of around 1cm. This is to increase the strength of this piece.

Then to make sure that the square tube stays in its position, you have to make a little rectangle that you connect with the steel plate by using the nuts and bolts. (See picture)

At last, you just cut the rubber U-strip at length and attach it inside the oval.

The dimensions that you need are in the attachement.


Step 4: Planks

NEED: Multiplex-panel 250 x 122 x 1,8 cm

The best way to make sure the planks fit on the tube is to CNC Mill them.

Place the big Multiplex panel on the CNC machine and make sure you can cut as much planks as you can out of the panel.

The dimensions that you need are in the attachement.

Step 5: Spacers

NEED: Wooden panel 600 x 400 x 8

For this step you just have to laser cut the panel. If you use more planks than you have to cut more spacers.

Why lasercutting ? The spacers need to fit just right on the tube.

The dimensions that you need are in the attachement.

Step 6: ENJOY!

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    3 years ago

    Good luck on your project, I hope you get an A :)