Introduction: Multi-Holder Desk Holder

This creation is for desks. It has a loop on one of the sides to hold rubberbands. Then on the opposite side there is a holder for index cards/ envelopes. Then there are 3 slots on the remaining 2 sides to hold paperclips and so on. Then at the upper part of the holder there you will place pens, pencils, and other stuff too.

Step 1: Create a Perfect Square

Fill it in with random sized legos. For my holder i used 14 dots on each side

Step 2: Create a Sqaure Around the Edges.

Stack 3 levels of legos on top of the base on each side

Step 3: Add a Step Before the Outside Square

Create a step right before outside square on 2 oposite sides. That are 4 lego circles wide.

Step 4: Add Another Step on the First Step.

Since the last step there are 4 lego circles wide, add a 1 lego layer on top of the first step.

Step 5: Create a Border in the Middle

Add a 4 layer high border directly in the middle .

Step 6: Create the Outline for the Slots

On the sides add a 3 sigular legos To outline the slots.

Step 7: Add a 3 Lego High Border on the Sides

Add the lining on the sides.

Step 8: Add Oulines on the Middle

Add borders to match the outlines of the slots

Step 9: Add 2 Lego High Borders

Add some more about 2 lego high to the border in the middle.

Step 10: Remove

Remove the legos on the side of the borders

Step 11: Then Add the Loop on One of the Sides.

On one of the sides of the borders you removes add the special lego pieces to hold the rubber bands.

Step 12: Add the Index Card Holder

First remove a single circle legos on the ends then add a three cirlce long piece on each side. Then add a singilar piece on the edge of each piece. Lastly add a three cirlce double piece in the middle with a double circle skinny piece on the edge.

Step 13: Add a Layer

Add a layer of legos on top of the middle.

Step 14: The Edges of the Upper Part

I skipped every singular circle after putting a double circle piece on the edge.

Step 15: Make a Pattern

Keep doing the " skip a circle for every 2 you cover" for 5 lego blocks high

Step 16: Add 3 Singular Blocks on Each Corner and Middle

The title says it all

Step 17: Add Lines on the Side

On top of the singular pieces add long singular pieces along the edges

Step 18: The Middle

At the top add the lining for the 4 dividers at the top.

Step 19: Fill and Enjoy

Enjoy your desktop organizer
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