Introduction: Multi-Layered Birthday Card

Learn how to create a stunning, handmade birthday card. Using multiple papers, punches, and a little creativity, you will soon have a beautiful card to impress your friends and family with.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

You will need the following materials:
   • 2 pieces green paper- 4.25” x 5.5” and 2” x 5.5”
   • 2 pieces white paper- 7” x 5.5” and an extra
   • 2 pieces brown paper- 3” x 5.5” and an extra
   • 1 piece patterned paper- 1.75” x 5.5”
   • White ribbon
   • Jewel dot sticker
You will also need the following supplies:
   • 2” x 1.5” oval punch
   • Criss-cross border punch
   • Double sided tape (or glue stick)
   • Happy Birthday rubber stamp (2” x 1.5” or smaller)
   • Brown ink

Step 2: Making the Base

First, fold the 7” x 5.5” white paper in half widthwise to make the base of the card.
Then, attach the 4.25” x 5.5” green paper to the card back using double-sided tape. We’ll call this “layer A.”

Step 3: Using the Punches

Next, take the 3” by 5.5” brown paper and run the criss-cross border punch along the 5.5” left edge. Repeat on the right edge.
Then, make two oval punches from the extra brown and white papers.

Step 4: Layering the Papers

Tape the 1.75” x 5.5” patterned paper to the front of the 2” x 5.5” green paper. Wrap the white ribbon around these papers and tie a bow. Finish by taping the brown, criss-cross punched paper behind it. This is called “layer B.”

Step 5: Adding Embellishments

Now it’s time for some fun. Take the Happy Birthday stamp and pat a few times on the brown ink to cover its surface. Press the stamp firmly on the white oval and lift it straight up. If you do not like how the stamp turned out, flip the white oval over and stamp the other side.
Then take the brown oval and tape it behind the white one. Leave the brown sticking out at an angle. Add a jewel dot sticker or other embellishment next to the Happy Birthday phrase. This is “layer C.”

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Finally, connect all three layers with double-sided tape. Attach layer B to layer A (the base of the card) a little off center to the left. Then tape layer C on top in the upper right corner.
Finish by writing “hand stamped by” and then your name on the back of the card.

Step 7: Conclusion

There you have it! You now have a beautiful handmade card to wow that special someone. Enjoy!