Multi Level Car Parking for Kids




Introduction: Multi Level Car Parking for Kids

Hi All,

In my previous instructable , I shared how to build a Simple machine lift which can be used either for dollhouse or car parking.

In this instructable I will share how to make multi level car parking with simple items, easy to find and amazing results

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • Foam board 5mm x 600mm x 900mm ( Mine was painted black on one side)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Corrugated box (16" x 16")
  • Cardboard cylinders ( from tissue paper or aluminium foil roll )
  • Skewers
  • Wood strips
  • Thread
  • Lift (click here)


  • Try Square
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fevicol or glue
  • Paper tape
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Black Acrylic paint ( for touch ups)

Step 2: Floor Plan

Draw the floor plan as shown on the foam board and carefully cut each piece.

Place the lift on the biggest piece and cut foam board as shown, The lift will be hot glued later to get some structural strength

Also our end goal is everything become one single toy

Step 3: Build It

Decorate each floor with paper tape, as shown

Using hot glue gun, stick the cardboard pillars. Please note that the height of each floor is 110 mm (approx 4 " minus 5 mm ) to take into account, that foam board is 5 mm thick

Slowly build each floor as shown

Remove lift and test if the floors are strong enough for kids to park cars

Step 4: Structural Reinforcement

Since the floors are build using 5 mm foam board, we need to make it stronger

  • PVC hangers below the floor
  • 3 Card board Pillars
  • Additional foam pillar support
    • Under the ramps
    • At the edges of each floor
  • Hot glue a corrugated box sheet (16" x 16") under 1st level
  • Hot glue each floor edges with the lift

Step 5: The Lift

I had built lift previously but need modifications

As pulley was made of thin skewer and the joints using paper clips, it was wobbly. This needs to be replaced with a thicker skewer

Plus while drawing I made mistake and cut the foam boards s mirror images, So he pulley handle needed to be shifted from right to left side

Reduce size the lift box and add small card board strip at the edges to prevent cars from falling

Step 6: Decorating

Decorate each floor path way, parking spaces using white paper tape.

Using Popsicle sticks construct the edges so that the cars do not fall off while playing and add Popsicle to the lift shaft as shown

One can add petrol pumps, toll, road barriers, Street lights etc....

PS: After I added Popsicle on the lift shaft, the lift size needed to be reduced further. And became bit difficult to adjust. So adjust size of the lift before hand

Step 7: Playing

Hand over the completed multi level car parking to your kid to play

I hope you like this, Please share your comments and suggestions

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6 years ago

yes, till the time I match floor heights

what do you have in mind ?

Penolopy Bulnick
Penolopy Bulnick

6 years ago

This is great! I always loved toys like this when I was younger! Very nice job putting it all together :)


6 years ago

I had a fisher price "little people" version of this in the 1970s! I loved it. So cool the way you made it.


Reply 6 years ago

Ha, I had that exact same set!


6 years ago

Great toy you have here! The lift element really makes the whole thing awesome.