Introduction: Multi-Moded Hack-Cam Using Arduino

Well, this is my first post. I made something that will make my
summer productive but it took only 1 day to finish this project, from planning to coding and to fabricating. Luckily, almost half of materials I used are salvaged and some are just stocked in the corner waiting to be touched. Believe me or not, I spend nothing 'cause I'm a bit resourceful.

This project uses mainly Gizduino(Arduino Clone here in the Philippines), a cdr-king spy keychain(808 cam), ultrasonic distance sensor and a bunch of resistors, bright LEDs, buttons and wires.

You can find here how I hacked the spycam

and the Gizduino and distance sensor, you can find here

It has 3 modes, first is Normal mode where it act as normal digicam using the button as shutter. Second is Time-lapse mode where you can leave this device while continuously taking images with 3 seconds interval. And lastly, Auto modewhere it captures image when an object or human is detected with in 1 meter range.

Step 1: Materials

For the materials

You'll be needing an


808 spy cam

Distance sensor


1k and 330R resistors 1/4W

Clear white LEDs


Push-button Switch

Red and Green LED

A Box or container

For the Tools

You should have



Long-Nose Plier

Side-Cutting Plier

Drill and drill bits


Screw Driver

Soldering Iron and lead

Soldering Holder


Step 2: Start Hacking

Here is a helpful link on how you can hack this spy cam

The little PCB on the picture is where I made my circuit, 2 led indicators and limiting resistors. For the trigger switch, I just made a voltage-divider to make 3.3V or near to that voltage logic level. I use 1k and 330R resistors

Step 3: Drill and Holes

I will not be detailed on how I attached all the components for the sake that you might get a different container or components. You will be in your own and on how creative and resourceful you are.

The buttons connected to arduino has pull-down resistors, they will set the modes of your device. In selecting the mode, reset the device first(3rd switch) and select the preferred mode. For Normal Mode, do not press any button switch, for time-lapse mode, press and hold the first switch, and for auto mode, use the middle switch. At the setup function in arduino, after resetting, the indicator will blink 2 times and 1 last long blink until it went to main loop. Therefore, never release your finger until the last long blink or else it will read that you never press any switch.

You can use my codes to guide where to put all output and inputs.

Step 4: My Final OUTPUT

Some images are taken using our project

Here is how it works, unedited sounds. :)

First Mode- Normal

Second Mode- Time-lapse

Third Mode- Auto

Here is the link for my time-lapse sample


Time-lapse photography

Capture Faces in your Door entrance

Auto-Selfie Cam


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Multi-Moded Hack-Cam using Arduino

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