Introduction: Multi Port USB Charger/Party Light/power Suppily

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I have wanting to make this project for a long time now, so when the USB contest came along it gave me a good reason to make it.
After making it I have been testing it to see how many things it can charge/power. I have up to the writing of this charged a cell phone,a mp3 player and and have powered my USB speakers with it.,all at the same time.
This really just just a a USB hub with a external power source and no date connection. You can buy a USB hub that comes with its own power supply for about 20-25 US dollars that will do the same thing as this project, but with out the awesome party light. I'm planing to make another one using a powered USB hub and a table lamp, I will wright write that one up when I get a chance to making it.

**** Added Comment ****
I thank Siamonez for his comment of"why". It made me realize that I need to add to my introduction.
I mainly made this so that I could use my USB speakers and my mp3 player as a home stereo and to have one central place to charge things that I could turn off when not in use and save on my power bill. 
Pulse with more and more things either being powered by or being able to be charge from a USB port it just seemed to me that it would be nice to be able to use them without having to turn my computer on (which is a net book right now).

Step 1: Supplies

  • USB hub
  • 5 volt phone charger
  • extension cord
  • toggle switch
  • party bulb
  • light socket
  • small block of wood
  • cork feet for bottom of box
  • cigar box
  • screw and nuts for mounting light
  • coping saw
  • drill
  • drill bits
  • wire cutter/stripper
  • pencil
  • electrical tape
  • marker
  • screw driver

Step 2: Hacking USB Hub Case

I thought that this project would look better if the USB ports went through the side of the box instead of just mounting the hub to the outside of the box. With this in mind, I now needed to cut some of the case of the hub away so I can get the ports through the side of the box.
  1. take apart the hub
  2. figure out how much you need to remove
  3. cut one half of case (I found that by cutting next to  the tabs that hold the case together gave me just the room I needed.
  4. put the case back together and use the first side you as a guide to cut the other side
  5. put the hub back in the case and pull the wire out the back side
  6. mark and cut a hole in the case for the wire to go through
  7. put hub back together

Step 3: Getting Cigar Box Ready for USB Ports

Now you need to mark where you want to put the holes for the ports and then cut them out

  1. measure how thick the bottom of the box (mine is 1/8 of an inch thick)
  2. place the block of wood on the outside of the box and put the hub on top of it
  3. using a pencil trace around the ports on the box
  4. move those marks up the same as the thickness of the bottom of the box so that when you put the block of wood on the inside of the box the holes will be the right height when you put the hub in the box
  5. drill holes where the ports go so that you can put the saw blade through the side of the box
  6. now you use the saw to cut the holes in the box (if you have a Drimel tool this would be perfect for this)
  7. trim the holes out if hubs don't fit in the holes, you can use a small knife or a Drimel tool to do this
  8. put the block of wood and the hub in the box and check to see if the ports will go through the holes

Step 4: Mounting Switch and Light Socket

  1. place the light socket on the top of the box and, using the pencil, mark where you need to drill the mounting holes for socket making sure to leave room for the switch
  2. now place the on/off ring from the switch on the box where you it to go
  3. now drill the holes in the top of the box
  4. put the switch through the hole and put the on/off ring on the switch then put the nut on and tighten

Step 5: Adding Power and Light

  1. drill a hole in the side of the box opposite side you put the holes for the ports
  2. now drill the hole in the top of the box for the wires to go through
  3. cut the extinction cord about 6-8 ins. from the outlet  end
  4. put the power cord the hole in the side of the box
  5. split the cord so you have two wires, now take one of these and one of the wires from the switch and put them both through the center hole in the lid of the box
  6. split the cord on the outlet, strip both ends and put them both through the center hole where you put the other ones
  7. strip the ends of the wires from the switch and power cord
  8. now twist together the wire from the switch with one of  the wires from the outlet
  9. twist together the wire from the power cord with the remaining one from the outlet
  10. now take one pair of wires and attach them to one side of the socket
  11. take the remaining pair and attach them to the other side of the socket
  12. now place the socket on the box and put screws through the socket and the holes in the box
  13. thread the nuts and the washers onto the screws,holding socket to to the top of the box
  14. with the box open strip and twist together the the remaining switch wire with the remaining wire from the power cord
  15. tape them together

Step 6: Making Charger

  1. cut the wire from the hub in half, saving the plug for another project
  2. strip the outer coating from the wire on the hub, making sure not to cut the wires inside
  3.  mine had the ground/negative wire around the outside of the rest of the wires ,pull the ground wire from around the rest of the wires ,twisting it together as you go
  4. you should have three wires left, the one you want is the red/positive one,strip some of the end off of it
  5.   now cut the from the phone charger about 6-8 ins. from the charger, saving the rest of th cord for another project
  6. remove about 2 ins. of the outer coating from the charger cord, being careful not to dut the wires inside
  7. now strip the end of the black/negative wire and the end of the red/positive  wire
  8. twist together the two positive wires and wrap in tape
  9. twist together the two negative wires together, wrapping them in tape
  10. wrap the two spliced wires together with tape

Step 7: Mounting Hub/Charger

  1. if you haven't all ready, drill holes the empty part of the hub where the plug used to hide
  2. glue the block of wood where the hub goes
  3. put the hub in place and screw in the screws to hold it in place

Step 8: Finishing/Putting It All Together

  1. plug the charger into the outlet and close the box
  2. put party bulb in the socket and test to make sure everything works
  3. put cork feet on bottom of box
  4. enjoy
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