Introduction: Multi Purpose Cereal Box Organizer

Most of us go through our Cereal Boxes quickly and end up tossing them in the trash. Why generate more waste when you can create functional organizers for your stationery, important papers, folders or even makeup?! These organizers take not more than 10 minutes to make, reduce your trash and keep your study neat and tidy.

Materials Needed - Empty Cereal Boxes, Used Plastic Cup, Waste Decorative Paper, Tape, Scissors / Blade.

Step 1: Cut Your Cereal Boxes

Take as many cereal boxes as you wish, depending on the number of levels you want in your organizer. Now using scissors or a blade, simply cut open one of the lengths of your cereal box. This will create an opening that is the perfect size to insert papers, folders etc.

Step 2: Make a Hole

Take only one of the boxes and make a hole about the radius of a plastic cup using scissors or a blade.

Step 3: Insert Plastic Cup

Now take a plastic cup and paint it however you like to make it aesthetically pleasing. After you are happy with how it looks, insert it inside the hole that you made in the cereal box. It will now serve as a holder for your stationery!

Step 4: More Holes

You can create as many holes as you like to store your phone, phone charger or even lipsticks in your organizer! Simple measure the item that you want to store and create a hole in the box to store it.

Step 5: Packaging

Take beautiful packaging of your choice that you planned to throw away and cover your cereal boxes with it using tape. You can match the packaging with your interiors! It will be ideal to go to an art supplies or packaging store and ask for waste paper or to use the packaging of gifts you've received.

Step 6: Stack & Tape the Boxes

Now simply stack the cereal boxes on top of each other. The one with the holes will go on top so that you can store items in it. The rest of the boxes can be used for papers or anything that you like. You can simply glue or tape them together and your organizer will be ready to use!