Introduction: Multi Purpose Daisy Flowers

3 Daisy Flowers that solves multiple purposes.

Step 1: Materials Required

6 coffee Cups
Inch Tape
Craft Knife/ Scissors
Water colors

Step 2: Outer Flower

Divide a coffee cup into 9 (as required) parts vertically and cut it to form petals. I have given curved edge to each petal.

Step 3: Descending Flowers

Follow Step1 in 2 other cups with smaller lengths. Now we have Large (9cms), Medium(6 cms), Small(3 cms) size flowers.

Step 4: Inner Layer

Mark 1 3/4" (Large size) from the bottom of a cup horizontally. Draw scalops along the line and cut off the excess. The inner Part of the flower is ready. The sizes for the descending flowers are 1 1/4" and 3/4" respectively.

Step 5: Coloring

Color the 6 cups as desired

Step 6: Complete the Flowers

Stick the scalop cup into the petal cup of its size

Step 7: Multi Purpose

I fixed serial bulbs inside each flower for party decoration.

This can be used as night lamp in kids room as well.

It can be used as candle holder.

Other use is just as a show piece.

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