Introduction: Multi Purpose Holder

This holder can be used to hold a phone or you can put anything as you like.




Toilet paper roll


Acrylic Paint


Paint brush



Step 1: Draw a Happy Man

Draw a happy man on a paper, that is the logo of one of my favourite fast food shop.

Step 2: Use FIMO Clay

Create the happy man on cardboard with FIMO Clay

Step 3: Create Happy Man on Cardboard

Cut it out and duplicate it on cardboard

Step 4: Clay Baking

Ask your mum to place the modelled object into oven and let it harden in the oven for a maximum of 30 minutes at a temperature of 110°C/230°F. FIMO will only be completely hardened when cooled down to room temperature.

Step 5: Paint the Toilet Paper Roll

Step 6: Build the Ground

- Cut the cardboard

- Paste the toilet paper roll on the cardboard with glue

- Paint it as lawn

Step 7: Make a Scarf for Happy Man

Step 8: Stick the Happy Man on the Lawn

Step 9: Done

You can use it to hold your phone or put pen, scissors, ruler into it.